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Take Your Gaming to The Next Level With Unikrn UMode

Unikrn.com is the number one place for all things Esports. Home to the world’s largest selection of betting odds and markets for both live in-play games and outright tournaments around the world, there are also plenty of other ways of taking your love for gaming to the next level on the site. Its casino and sportsbook are widely acclaimed in the community, however, its unique skill gaming feature, UMode, is what really sets it apart from the competition. 

To give you the full lowdown on the world’s first player vs. house skill gaming wagering mode, here’s a quick Q+A on Unikrn UMode. 

What Is Unikrn UMode? 

Utilizing an innovative blockchain-based backend, Unikrn’s UMode is the world’s first player vs. house skill gaming mode that lets you bet on yourself playing games. With this unique backend, all players have to do is login into Unikrn and synch up their Steam, Xbox Live, or PlayStation accounts and load up their game of choice. 

Unikrn will then present the player with four unique challenges that they can choose and place a wager on. These can range from anything like simply winning a ranked game, to some in-game specifics such as the number of bomb plants or number of kills, and allow players to tailor their wagering experience to a play style that suits them best.

And because all of these wagers are player vs. house, rather than player vs. player, UMode eliminates the risk of potential sharks or hustlers that pretend to play at a certain level but proceed to play with a skill level that is way above their opponent’s. 

What Games Are Available On UMode? 

Unikrn is home to the biggest range of Esports titles anywhere in the world and has already implemented the most popular of these into UMode. At the time of writing, UMode offers gamers the chance to back themselves in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, League of Legends, Dota 2, Halo 5, Fortnite, and Fortnite: Arena.

Rahul Sood, Founder of Unikrn, has spoken extensively about the new dimensions esports and platforms such as Unikrn can create, and how features like UMode can heighten a user’s experience with the scene: 

“Unikrn is built by gamers and is striving to give fans a way to heighten gaming even more,” he said. “Over years, our fans have begged us for a way to back their own games and make their matchmaking more interesting, and now we’ve developed a way to do so which avoids the pitfalls of traditional players-vs-player skill betting.”

Take Your Gaming To The Next Level

Unikrn and UMode are only available in certain areas around the world and operate only to those who can prove they are of legal age, meaning it’s always best to check to make sure you can wager safely before playing. Unikrn is fully licensed and operated where UMode is available, and there are a whole host of support structures available to ensure that all your experiences on the site remain strictly for fun first and foremost.

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