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Epic Mount: The conclusive guide to Paladin Epic mount quest

High speed for your character increases your movement, and as a result, your travel time decreases, which translates to efficiency. Save gold for level 40 mount purchase. You need 900 gold to purchase the epic mount. No doubt, you need to maintain a high level of discipline to save this much gold.

  • Mounts are not as many: In classic WoW, you find some exotic mounts, while at some point, you will have to purchase your race’s mounts to use in the entire game.
  • Gold matters: In the earlier expansions and BFA, gold comes and goes smoothly. You earn gold in classic WoW through manual labor at a rate of 30 gold/hour. To reach your target of 900 gold, you are looking at 30 hours of manual work.
  • All factions are independently gated by reputation: You are not in a position to ride another race’s mounts in Classic World of Warcraft unless you are in the exalted status. You can choose to turn in cloth and advance to exalt, but the majority of other players prefer first to buy their race’s mount. So, where do you buy your mounts? There is a complete guide about Paladin Epic Mount Quest. Read our article below to know more



Katie Hunter is your contact at the Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest. She is the vendor for Humans, and in the game Paladin Epic Mount Quest the epic mounts below are available for sale:

  • Snow White Steed: 1,000
  • Swift Brown steed: 1,000
  • Swift Palomino:1,000


Find Veron Ambesrtill at the Amberstill Ranch in Dun Morogh selling the epic mounts listed below:

  • Swift White Ram:1,000
  • Swift Brown Ram:1,000
  • Swift Gray Ram:1,000


At Milli Featherwhistle in Dun Morogh for Gnome, she is selling these epic mounts:

  • Swift Green Mechanostrider: 1,000
  • Swift White Mechanostrider: 1,000
  • Swift Yellow Mechanostrider: 1,000

Night Elf

Lelanai is In the Night Elf city Darnassus selling the epic mounts below:

  • Reins of the Swift Frostsaber: 1,000
  • Reins of the Swift Mistssaber: 1,000
  • Reins of the Swift Stormsaber: 1,000


Orc: You will buy the following epic mounts from Ogunaro Wolfrunner in Orgrimmar.

  • Horn of the Swift Timber Wolf: 1,000
  • Horn of the Swift Brown Wolf: 1,000
  • Horn of the Swift Gray Wolf: 1,000


Zachariah Post is in Brill’s town in Tirisfal Glades, and he will sell you the epic mounts below:

  • Green Skeletal Warhorse: 1,000
  • Purple Skeletal Warhorse: 1,000


In Sen’Jin village in Durotar, Zjolnir will sell you these epic mounts:

  • Swift Blue Raptor: 1,000
  • Swift Blue Raptor: 1,000
  • Swift Orange Raptor: 1,000


At the Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore, you find Harb Clawhoof selling the following epic mounts:

  • Great Gray Kodo: 1,000
  • Great White Kodo: 1,000
  • Great Brown Kodo: 1,000

Mount Discounts

Everyone loves a discount on anything they purchase. The prices above are without cuts. Your participation in PVP will gain a reputation for you with the appropriate faction. And these discounts will reduce the amount of gold you will spend to purchase epic mounts significantly. With the following, you can save 20% of the total cost, which translates to 200.

  • Reaching Honored standing with the appropriate faction
  • Reaching Rank 3 in the honor system

All players can access these discounts with ease, so it is recommended that you consider them when purchasing your epic mount.

Alternative Mounts

Getting your hands on some alternatives to purchase your epic mounts in place of gold, then you will save. For instance, the Deathcharger’s Reins drop from Baron Rivendare in Stratholme. However, don’t expect to get these mounts easily. 

Best ways to Farm your Epic Mount

In Classic World of Warcraft, there are many ways to farm gold, and we will discuss the best ways for when you hit level 60. 

Raw Gold Farming

Your server’s economy might not be well developed to make a considerable profit on the house action if you reach level 60 early. In situations like this, players often farm enemies that drop high vendor values. For instance, the bats in Eastern Plaguelands. The following items are available for you to farm any bat in the area: Plaguebat, Noxious Plaguebat, or Monstrous Plaguebat.

  • Evil Bat Eye: A stack of 10 in your bag with maximum stack vendors 2 8
  • Giant Bat Fang: They stack up to 10 in your pocket and max stack vendors 1 59
  • Sleek Bat Pelt: A stack of 10 in your bag and max stack vendors for 1 21
  • Bat Ear: A stack of 10 in your pocket and a maximum stack should include vendor for 83

Felcloth Farming

Felcloth is the best place to begin farming something with resale value. The valuable items are necessary for crafting several patterns, and you can farm them in Satyrs, and you can find them in the places below: 

  • Felwood: There are Jadefire Satyrs – Jadefire Hellcaller, Jadefire Betrayer, Jadefire Trickster. You can frame them for felcloth and other noteworthy drops: Demonic Rune, Corrupted Soul Shard, Runecloth, and Major Healing Potion.
  • Azshara: Here is another group of Satyrs called Legashi (Legashi Hellcaller, Legaspi Satyr, Legaspi Rogue). They also drop items like Jadefire.

If you intend to farm items that you will sell to players instead of vendors, these spots are perfect for you. The spots are alike, and they will open competition when choosing the zone to farm.

Instance Farming

The farming philosophy is the same. You run dungeons and get profits from selling items from the run. Running dungeons consistently cannot be an overstatement, or if you also run the cells, you will accrue gold to make an enormous purchase.

  • Solo Play: Some dungeons all through the game where you can run solo at max, then sell the loot and turn a profit. For example, by completing the Scepter of Celebrates, a dungeon quest inside Maraudon, you get Scepter of Celebrates, which will enable you to teleport somewhere in the dungeon where you can kill some bosses. Here, the goal is to drop like Gatorbike Axe and Princess Theradras’ Scepter selling for gold.
  • Group Play: Some dungeons like Stratholme have enough loot to go around. On the Undead side of Stratholme, you find a supply crate containing many grey items that you can vendor for gold. On the other hand of living, you have an opportunity to loot a Righteous Orb, and they are always worth a reasonable amount in the auction.

In Summary

Mounts are not the same as collectibles because acquiring your mountain in the paladin epic mount quest is a cosmetic experience and a necessary benchmark of your Classic experience. You are likely to be limited to purchasing your race’s mount and finding a variety of color changes.

You need to play efficiently in the Classic World of Warcraft and bring efficiency in all aspects of the game. Play the game often, be conscious of keeping much gold, avoid spending more than you earn, and then purchase your epic mount in short order.

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