Carlson Software

What is Carlson software?

Carlson software solutions was established in 1983 especially for software design, field data collection and machine control products to survey lands, mining industries and civil constructions across the globe. This software aims to provide one-source technology solutions from construction to data collection to design to all the mentioned industries. The works towards customer services are …

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CSUN Software

What is CSUN Software?

The IT division of CSUN schools and colleges intends to deliver reliable, effective and secure technology infrastructure to promote and support faculty, staff and students to reach their goals. The IT department provides support and leadership in the betterment of technology to the students.  CSUN Software The university authority enables the staff, students and faculty …

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GoXLR Software

What is GoXLR software?

Goxlr Software is an audio mixer tool for the content creators. It gives a good audio quality with 720p streaming capacity. It is a versatile audio tool with multiple functionalities and perfect audio. The software has a huge customer base and all of them have agreed to its amazing interface and features. In the following …

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JMP Software

What is JMP Software?

One of the most popular software for statistical analysis is JMP software. SAS Institute has created the software. There is a graphical interface within JMP software. It works in both Macintosh and Windows platform.  Why choose JMP Software? If a question like why would you use JMP occurs then there are a few justifications for …

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Ambrosia Software

What is Ambrosia Software?

Ambrosia Software comes under the category of Macintosh Software. It provides support, gaming, utilities, development services, and news. Ambrosia Software is especially known for its customized productivity tools and anti-productivity tools. This Software also offers trial sessions to its users before they purchase the software. Software was first launched in 1993, August in New York. …

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