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The Best X470 Motherboard in 2020

AMD X470 motherboards have loads of options for you to choose from. They are available in many varieties, but they are also incredibly low priced from $130. Motherboards by Asus, Asrock, MSI, and Gigabyte are excellent and integral, and you cannot go wrong with them. We will discuss four of the best x470 motherboard for you to buy in 2020. 

Motherboards with the X470 chipset have unique features not easily found on other chipsets like advanced overclocking and connectivity. They cater to more users if you are an enthusiast who would like additional expansion like multi GPU setups, dual M.2 N.VMe drives, and more unlocking options.

#1: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming

The cheapest X470 boards are more pricey than X370 between $130 – $140. With that amount, you have several options for the X470 Gaming Plus, MSI X470 Gaming Pro, and Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming.

Most MSI models are alike, and the Pro version has an I/O cover, the board might look better, and the only thing that feels off about it is, it is worth the $10 premium. However, comparing it to the Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming, I would choose it because it is better equipped.

AMD Ryzen one of the best x470 motherboard

The Gigabyte X470 Aorus has a better audio solution, higher networking, USB type-C, more USB ports, and better M.2 implementation, all of better quality. Both the VRM, and the Gigabyte are similar, and MSI boards pack a 4 + 2 design, a sufficient power delivery due to a doubler.

Generally, both MSI and Gigabyte have competitive products at reasonable prices, but Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming is the best x470 motherboard right now.

Pros: Features are well set and clean power delivery for overclocking

Cons: BIOS layout is poor

#2: Asus TUF X470-Plus Gaming

For $160, we’ve for The Asus TUF X470-Plus Gaming costs $160, followed by the Asrock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 at $170 Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 5 at $180 and the Asus Prime X470-Pro at $185. The pricing for these motherboards might move around a bit, but that’s the range. 

In the above grouping, the Asus TUF X470-Plus Gaming cannot compare to more pricey motherboards because they are better equipped. Their model packs an inferior VRM with few features of lower quality.

Best Motherboard is Asus TUF X470-Plus Gaming

The Asrock Fatal1ty X470 Gaming K4 is good but not as good as the Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 5 and Asus Prime X470-Pro motherboards. Choosing between these two is tricky, but they are almost alike. 

The Prime X470-Pro has a 6 + 2 VRM design with six real phases and a doubler. Don’t mind the price of the Asus Prime X470-Pro, it is worth every penny.

  • Pros: Good quality components; Compatible with other TUF alliance brands
  • Cons: Not stable with overclocking; Slower secondary PCI Express x16 slot

#3: Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero

A look into the Ryzen 7 2700X territory is for those who are proud of 8-core/16-thread, and you have four good alternatives. Asrock is challenging Asus for the most expensive board, although worth its salt.

The Asrock X470 Taichi Ultimate has a cheaper version known as the Taichi that drops 10 Gigabit LAN support. And that’s the only difference between them. If you don’t need so much LAN Gigabit support, then Taichi is your board of choice then saves $70 on the vanilla model. 

The Asrock X470 Taichi Ultimate, Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7, and the Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero WiFi are exceptionally good with no known faults. Among the three, there is no wrong choice. However, when talking about value, the standard Asrock X470 Taichi board takes it all. The Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero is severe and aggressive, its features are well-stocked with loads of USB ports, and all other elements are high quality. These qualities save him a place in the best x470 motherboard.

The BIOS is correctly set up for overclockers and PC enthusiasts for fine-tuning. The memory presets are tremendous, and Stilt’s Samsung B-die profiles are inclusive. These extras are complementary and working with the Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero, is a real pleasure.

  • Pros: Wide range of features and Overclocker friendly
  • Cons: Expensive
Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero motherboard

#4: Asus ROG Strix X470-1 Gaming

Only two Mini-ITX X470 boards exist and are both fantastic. Asus has the ROG Strix X470-I Gaming and from Asrock the X470 Gaming ITX/ac. Both boards have weaknesses and strengths, but their most prominent difference is the price. The Asus and Asrock boards cost $30 apart, and the latter has a pocket-friendly price of $180.

If your work entails using two high-speed NVMe drives, then the Asus model has two M.2 slots, one At the front and the other at the back. The two M.2 slots make the placement of things like the SATA ports at the front random.

The VRM on both boards is impressive, and they have passive cooling. Their bundles are similar, which include a WiFi/Bluetooth antenna and several SATA data cables.

The looks of the Asus ROG Strix X470-IGaming are much better if you require two M.2 slots. Although the two are almost the same, Asrock X470 Gaming ITX/ac is much better, but it is currently out of stock everywhere. 

  • Pros: A wide range of connectivity options and exceptional performance in productivity apps
  • Cons: Lower performance in gaming and BIOS is not well-laid out

#5: Asrock X470 Gaming K4

The Asrock X470 Gaming K4 is one of the best X470 motherboards. It has features only found in more pricey boards like metallic heatsinks and a pre-mounted I/O shield. It supports RAM speeds up to 3466 MHz, which does not match rates in other boards. 

Any RAM above 3000 MHz performance, even for gaming applications, is excellent. With two PCI Express x16 slots strengthened with steel support for extra strength, you can confidently install your multi-GPU setup, knowing they are steady.

Concerning storage, the two M.2 connectors serve as one of the two M.2 uses an older 10 Gbps NVMe bandwidth. You also get Gigabit Ethernet and Creative Sound Blaster Audio connectors for RGB LEDs. A POST display is mostly found in more pricey boards, but it is available here.

Asrock X470 Gaming K4 is the best x470 motherboard

The Asrock X470 Gaming K4 BIOS is not as feature-rich. If flexibility and overclocking options are your primary concerns, then you must look for an alternative board. However, if your primary use is games, the Asrock X470 Gaming K4 will save you some dollars with more or less performance.

  • Pros: Good value for money, Great for gaming
  • Cons: Productionperformance needs improvements, BIOS has few enthusiast options


X470 motherboards present a wide range of features useful for both mainstream users and overclockers. However, make sure you need them before investing in them because they can be pricey but choose the best x470 motherboard for yourself.

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