Mechanics Of The Slots RTP Explored

Mechanics of the Slots RTP explored

The term RTP is mentioned often when it comes to online slots at freeslotsites and is an important factor for them. RTP stands for ‘return to player and it is an estimation of the percentage of winnings that a player could receive when using a certain slot machine. Many gamblers struggle with understanding how exactly it works.

Mechanics Of The Slots RTP Explored

What is RTP?

RTP is an indicator of the theoretical winnings that calculates how much a person expects to win after a long while of playing the same slot game. The way RTP works is that if, for example, a player makes a hundred £10 bets on a machine that has the RTP at 90%, they can expect to get back around £900 in wins. As the RTP is calculated over the long term and a large number of spins – sometimes millions, it is impossible to tell how much each bet will bring.

Even though anything can happen in a single slot game, using games with a higher RTP is likely to bring slightly more wins. That’s why RTP is an important criterion for many players choosing which slots to use.

Finding games with high RTP

Online casinos offer many slots from various providers. RTP is set by the game developers and casinos have no way of changing its value. That’s why doing some research into which slot providers offer games with high RTP and then searching for games by provider might be a good idea. Another option is to simply search by the RTP value. This way players can find games that have RTP at the level desired by them.

The important thing to bear in mind, however, is that RTP is not an indicator of slots’ quality. Online slots offer many bonuses and interesting features that make the game more entertaining and can help you win more money. Some slots are truly unique and, when choosing the best one for them, players should take into consideration many things, not just how high the RTP value is. Picking a slot game solely based on RTP value misses out on a very important part of gambling – entertainment, and fun.

Slots with high RTP values

Mega Joker, a classic slot by NetEnt, with three reels and fruits as symbols can have up to 99% RTP. The game’s RTP changes depending on the stake level the player chooses. To reach the best return, the player needs to bet 10 coins. In order to maximize their gain, gamblers also need to know when to collect the winnings from the Supermeter.

Another classic slot from NetEnt, Jackpot 6000 has up to 98,8% RTP. The game is quite similar to Mega Joker. Players should play it at the maximum bet of 10 coins and just like in Mega Joker, have to know when to collect their profits.

Ugga Bugga by online casino giant Playtech has an RTP of around 99,07%. The game is an innovative slot with 10 reels and its theme is inspired by tribal culture. As the game is set in the jungle, its unique symbols include instruments and tribal art.

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