A brief history of bingo

A brief history of bingo

Bingo has a long history, it dates back to the sixteenth century and has existed in many forms. The beauty of deposit by phone bingo has been its ability to adapt and change alongside history. Below is just a brief history of bingo.

A brief history of bingo

Mysterious Beginnings 

You may be surprised to learn that bingo has not always been known as bingo! When it first originated, bingo was known as ‘Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia’. As you may have guessed from the name, bingo actually comes from Italy with some records dating it all the way back to 1530. Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia proved to be a very popular game in the country but it didn’t resemble what we would describe as modern bingo. There wouldn’t have been any bingo balls, the numerical system was completely different back then and players wouldn’t have even shouted bingo when they had marked off all their symbols! 

Expanding Across the World 

Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia soon made its way across Europe, settling in sixteenth-century France. The game became known as ‘Le Lotto’ and was mainly enjoyed by the French aristocracy. While it was being played by the French wealthy and privileged, ‘Le Lotto’ started to resemble something akin to the game we know and love today. Soon the popularity of ‘Le Lotto’ began to spread again. It ended up across the channel, finding a home in Great Britain. The British people embrace ‘Le Lotto’, being enjoyed across many of the industrial towns and cities.

This happened in the eighteenth century. Soon ‘Le Lotto’ found another home, this time in the markets of the United States. The game proved even more popular over there, with many saying that it was during this time that bingo was first used to refer to the game. This happened in 1929, less than a hundred years ago. Back then the game was played with beans and was known as beano until a winner accidentally exclaimed bingo upon winning. Inventor Edwin S Lowe overheard this and decided that it was the better name. Soon bingo cards were being printed across the nation and the rest is history. During the first and second world war, bingo was incredibly popular with  American troops. 

Bingo Today 

Today, bingo is more popular than ever. It experienced a loss of popularity as the twenty-first century began but since the introduction of online bingo, more players than ever before have been able to enjoy bingo. Online bingo has proven to be a hit for many reasons, it is incredibly accessible for players, it has a friendly community of people and it is straight-up fun to play! That’s not to say that bingo halls aren’t still popular because they are! Bingo halls are even seeing an increase in younger people attending, finally getting rid of the typical image of a bingo fall filled with older people! 


The future of bingo is incredibly fun to speculate since online bingo has revolutionised how the game can be played it is going to be interesting to see what else comes along that manages to change bingo.

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