Yify Movies: Best Alternative Sites Like Yify Movies

Yify Movies: Best Alternative Sites Like Yify Movies

Yify Movies is a leading online movie streaming site where you can watch full movies at no cost. You also get to stream complete television series. Besides, Yify TV has many free movies, ranging from old classics to new releases. You can be assured that the Yify movies you stream have a high-quality resolution.

You also get to stream these movies and series on full screen. This guarantees you an impressive experience. If you are looking to stream television shows or watch movies online, then Yify is normally the place to go.

However, there are several Yify alternatives, some of which have larger databases of TV shows and movies online. Below are some of Yify’s alternatives from where you can get your favorite TV series and movies at no cost.

Yify Movies: Best Alternative Sites Like Yify Movies


Bitport is a good site for movies and TV series just like Yify TV. It allows its users to enjoy all their favorite TV shows and movies online. From this website, you can download torrents directly online as opposed to your hard drive. This site is compatible with most mobile devices and allows you to enjoy the torrent on your mobile phone. Once you download the movies and series to your Bitport account, you get to watch them on any device and at any time. And registration to the website is free of charge.


YTS is yet another great site online, just like Yify. This movie download website will let you save new movies to your PC to watch them offline or on the go. YTS is quite similar to Yify because you get to choose movies as well as the quality or size and then download them through a torrent client. YTS has a large selection of movies, making it a good alternative to Yify for TV series and movies.

The Soft Bay

Like Yify, The Soft Bay is another great torrent site dedicated to new movies. The site enables users to download their movies in small sizes. It’s also similar to Yify, so you won’t experience any difficulties navigating its platform if you’re familiar with the Yify platform. It lets its users download movies at no cost and minus any limitations.

Film XY

FilmXY is another movie downloading site where you can find both old and new movies. Whether you’re looking for classics or movies that are yet to be released, FilmXY lets you find them easily. The Yify alternative has a large database and is easy to use. This makes it among the best alternatives to Yify online.


Although it’s not a torrent website, Rainierland is a popular movie streaming site. If you would rather not download a movie but stream it online instead, Rainierland is the site for you. On the site, you can stream movies without them buffering, making it a good alternative for Yify movies.


You can consider RarBG if you’re looking for an excellent site for movie torrent websites such as Yify online. The site’s highly intuitive layout makes finding movies on it very simple. You can find new releases of various genres. It specializes in movie torrents, placing high on the list of the best alternatives to Yify online. On RarBG, you get to access many movie downloads.

Torrent Project

Torrent Project is an incredible search engine for torrent movies and TV series. On this engine, you can find just about any movie online and download it. To find movies that you may be interested in, you’ll simply the name of such a movie into the engine’s search bar. To download such a movie, you’ll require a torrent client such as uTorrent. If your internet connection is fast enough, you can watch new movies on Torrent Project within a few minutes. Torrent Project also allows you to download any movie online right away.


Torrentz is among the top torrent search engines online. It can bring you torrents from several torrent websites. This, therefore, allows you to find your preferred movies from numerous sources. All you have to do is type the movie’s name into Torrentz’s search bar and you instantly get many links from which you can download it. Besides, you also get to choose the movie’s size.

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