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How to Fix the “Video TDR Failure” Error in Windows 10?

The dreaded Blue Screen of Death may emerge following the installation of a new version of Windows 10, the installation of a new video card driver, or just as a bolt from the blue (BSoD). A BSoD can result from a variety of issues. For example, driver errors, memory errors, incorrect system files, or hard disc problems. In the event of the “video TDR failure” warning, which is generally accompanied by the error number 0x00000116, we are most likely dealing with a driver issue or a system file problem.

To learn more on how to have a “video TDR failure”? What is it?

Timeout Detection and Recovery is the abbreviation for this. It is beneficial to us since it monitors the video card and video card driver activities in TDR. If the video card does not respond for an extended period of time, it attempts to resolve the issue. TDR usually works and your system recovers from the timeout, but it can’t always cure the problem. That is when the “video TDR failure” error notice appears as a BSoD. When working on tasks that need high performance from your video cards, such as video editing, 3D modeling, or gaming, your video card may fail to respond to a specific request.

video tdr failure

Ways to  fix the BSoD issue “video TDR failure” are following

According to online users’ reports, the 0x00000116 issue can arise in two ways. The most typical variation occurs while we are using the computer and are suddenly confronted with a BSoD. The other, less typical, the scenario is when the visual TDR failure BSoD displays immediately after starting the system before we can do anything. There is no access in the second one this is the fundamental difference between these two, there is no access to Windows. This will lead to the issue is more difficult, but don’t fear, there is an answer.

If you receive the error described in the first scenario above, which indicates you can access Windows, skip the following section regarding Windows Safe Mode and begin troubleshooting from there.

Safe Mode is used to launch Windows

Windows Safe Mode is a troubleshooting system. Windows, among other things, does not load drivers in Safe Mode, which is helpful for us since it allows us to skip the error notice.

For entering Safe Mode in Windows, follow the following steps:

  • To switch off your computer, hold down the power button for 10 seconds.
  • In order to start, long-press the power button for a second.
  • To switch off your laptop, click the power button 10 times in a row as soon as you see the first lights on your screen.
  • Long press the power button for one second to boot up your computer.
  • When there are lights seen on the screen, hold on to the power button for 10 seconds.
  • By hitting the power button, you may restart your machine.
  • Allow your machine to restart normally, and it will boot into the winRE environment.
  • Choose Troubleshoot from the list of choices that appears.
  • Select Advanced Options.
  • Choose Startup Settings.
  • Then select Restart.
  • When your system resumes, a menu will display many alternatives. Select the option that reads Safe Mode. Start Windows in Safe Mode with a Network Connection.

Replace your VGA driver.

The most common reason for the 0x00000116 problem is an out-of-date visual card driver that is no longer compatible with the Windows operating system. It is always worthwhile to maintain your drivers up to date because upgrades, in the majority of situations, boost performance, improve security, and eliminate errors such as “visual TDR failure.”

In a few simple steps, you can upgrade your VGA drivers:

  • To begin, open the Start menu and type “devmgmt. MSC” into the search drop-down, then click on Enter to start the Windows Device Manager.
  • widen the screen adapters menu item to show the card video.
  • Select Update driver from the drop-down menu by right-clicking on the video card’s name.
  • A new window will open. When there is a need to search for drivers, opt for Search auto-updated software drive.

Windows will now look for and install the most recent driver software available online. When the procedure is completed, reboot your computer to confirm if the issue has been resolved. If not, proceed to the following section for further solutions.

Remove and reinstall your video card driver.

It is possible that upgrading the video card driver will not cure the problem since the root of the problem is in a file that the new version will not overwrite. In this situation, you must remove the video card driver before downloading and installing the most recent version from the manufacturer’s official website.

Here’s how to get rid of it:

  • Launch the Windows Device Manager in the same manner as described in the previous section.
  • Display adapters must be chosen.
  • Uninstall the gadget by right-clicking on it.

Then go to the manufacturer’s website and get the most up-to-date driver version.

When your computer displays the “video TDR failure” warning again, examine the produced dump file to determine what is causing the issue in your individual situation. Dump files, however, cannot be viewed with a text editor. You have to use the software to “translate” put files in a readable way. NirSoft created a free program called BlueScreen Viewer that does exactly that. It is available from NirSoft’s official website at, download links.

When you open the dump file after installing BlueScreen Viewer, the program will highlight the driver file that caused the problem. In most situations, the file name will not be the same as the driver’s true name. To determine which driver has to be repaired, conduct a Google search using the file name provided and look for answers on how to repair that specific driver.


From all the above ways of solutions, you choose one that works for you and you have to not worry about your video TDR failure error in windows anymore.

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