Is web designing dead

Is Website Designing Dead? Hear from experts

In the past decade, we have seen a lot of changes take place in the world of website design. The introduction of flat design and the continued growth in the popularity of responsive web design has left many wondering if there is any future for complex, Flash-based website designs. Thankfully, some of the greatest minds in web design are still enthusiastic about designing beautiful, engaging websites. However, future websites will likely look different from those made just a few years ago.

With the emergence of software like Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly that make website development simple, popular, and free, the profession of website designing seems to be on its deathbed. With the general perception that anyone can create a website in less than an hour, a sarcastic joke often used is: Microsoft launched its website design software which will allow you to create a website in under 60 seconds without any coding.

A design website is a visual identity of a business that reflects the brand identity of the business. Today, everything looks like a website because of social media and the Internet. However, people who claim “website designing is dead” are wrong – because every business has to have a website today.

Are rumors true About Website Designing Dead?

Is Website Designing Dead?  The answer is both yes and no for the simple reason that a lot of businesses are not making use of the potential their website has to offer in terms of enhancing the salability of their products or services. Yet, the art of website designing is not dead and many people are actively engaged in creating websites. Example: Digital Suncity. An agency which is located in the small town of Jodhpur but has proved to outgrow numerous other best website design companies in jodhpur in a very short time. This brings us to the most important question – what are these aspects that you should consider from a web designing perspective? 

If you are in the web design industry, the recent trends had already left you asking this exact question in your head: “Is Website Designing Dead?” But fret not! Because here I’m going to help you figure out what is going on and which way to go to keep up with the ever-changing trends.

Today Web Design is different from traditional Designing, it’s also a Process. Website designing is a tremendous trend of this century. It is getting disappeared now. Website designing goes beyond HTML and CSS concepts. The evolution of website designing and animation is crossing its limits day by day which is good for the evolution of technology.

Change in the perspective

Whenever there is a business, there is a need for that business to have a presence on the web. Therefore, Website designing has begun flourishing and has become its industry today. The web business industry is doing great and is here to stay. With technology always changing, nations growing fast, and internet use spreading rapidly, People are looking increasingly to the web as a place where they carry out their marketing and day-to-day financial/ banking activities.

Web design is one of the biggest trends of late, but are we on the brink of seeing a massive shift in web design practices? The explosive popularity of blogging and Twitter means people want their content to be quickly accessible and are turning away from flashy, feature-heavy websites to simpler sites that do less but do them better.


We feel that “Is Website Designing Dead” is a question with NO answer. However, we would like to focus on probably the most important thing that the majority of Website Designers think about while they are designing a website – the User Experience.

This article has explored the process of website design. With the evolution of technology and its acceptance in every area of life, it is needless to say that all companies are required to have a website, just to keep up with the competition. The fact that website designing is a field that will never die is supported by the undeniable fact that each company depends on it for day-to-day existence in the market and competition.


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