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About Southern Software Company, Products (Review)

The company Southern Software Private Limited offers municipal management and public safety software to hospitals, universities, colleges, state parks, and airports in the United States of America. 

In this article, we will discuss the company and its services. Apart from that, we will also discuss some other similar companies that are mostly the competitor companies of Southern Software Pvt Ltd. 

Southern software company

What is Southern Software Private Limited and what is it about?

Southern Software Company was established in 1988 in the U.S. The company has been dedicated to creating the best cutting-edge technology software since the beginning of its journey. The company has successfully developed an intimate and personal understanding of its client’s needs. The company constantly works on the software with training and industry-leading domestic support. The main intention of their work is to create different software solutions to perform critical tasks and also ensure great performance and safety of human beings. 

Southern Software Private Limited ensures public safety in their services

The company has a PS suit that contains the ever-growing family of its products. Their products offer basic RMS, CAD, Maps, JMS, and mobile communication functionality. It does not stop here but also has incredible narcotics management, Data Analytics, Quarter Master, and Citizen Connect data portals within the software. 

Financial Management is also performed by Southern Software Private Limited

The company’s FMS Suite of products has 10 types of user-friendly modules within the system. These modules can be easily configured by the users according to their requirements and needs. Each of the modules can be utilized individually in a fully integrated setting with the other FMS products aiming to offer a powerful and complete Financial Management system. 

Southern software company

Client’s Testimonials about Southern Software Company and its services

  1. Heather Nicole-Martin; Eclectic Police Department

Martin starts with utter satisfaction saying that he loved working with Amanda, BJ, and DeAnn who are on the parts of Southern Software team. He continues by saying that the company is extremely blessed to have these people as a team. He says that he loves the software but the team even more because according to him it’s the people who make the software even greater. 

While working with the software, Martin did not have to go through plenty of phone calls or external guidance. He says that he never came across such a strong team ever before. The team is strong, compassionate, professional as well as kind to everyone willing to use the software. 

  1. Martinsville-Henry County 911- JR Powell

According to this man, no other software or hardware provider company is as professional as the Southern Software family. He refers to them as a partnership not as a vendor, working closely together and aiming to make any system function just the way their clients and customers need. He said that in his 26 working years in the 911 Center, he has never come across any software provider company even close to Southern Software in terms of their services and professionalism. His company has been partnering with Southern Software for the last 17 years now for MDS, CAD, RMS, MDIS, Alarm Software, Jail, PSAware, and others. They have built a lasting partnership and friendship in these years of working together. 

  1. Ayden PD- Chief Barry Stanley

Mr. Stanley has shared his experience of working with Amanda McKenzie, an employee of Southern Software Company. She has helped Mr. Stanley to set up everything needed for their new Evidence System. Amanda is so efficient and expert that she first listened to all the needs and requirements of Mr. Stanley and answered all the questions. Then she began to set up the necessary things and made sure everyone else understand what is happening there. She kept explaining till every one of Mr. Stanley’s team understood the procedure. Mr. Stanley was highly impressed with her knowledge, efficiency, and dedication to the product. He further said that the company Southern Software should be proud to have such an employee within the team. He had also made a promise to never break the partnership between his company and Southern Software as there is no other alternative of this level existing in the market. 

Southern software company
  1. Anita Doughlas- Finance Officer

Anita has expressed her deepest appreciation for southern Software Private Limited. The Town Clerk of Anita’s company had recently left and no one else knew how to handle the vacant post. But the support team of Southern Software was really helpful for Anita. It was Kellie and Kathie who helped her with all the support she needed at that time. The two people from Southern Software made her understand the process step by step. But their vast knowledge about the system and services blew Anita’s mind and she couldn’t just stop thanking them for their immense contribution. 

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