Carlson Software

What is Carlson software?

Carlson software solutions were established in 1983, especially for software design, field data collection, and machine control products to survey lands, mining industries, and civil constructions across the globe. This software aims to provide one-source technology solutions from construction to data collection to design for all industries mentioned. The work towards customer service is remarkable for the Carlson software. It is dedicated to the industries it works with. The mission is to establish itself as the leading independent land surveying, construction, mining, and civil engineering developer. They have been working hard since the beginning of their journey to maintain their reputation for technical innovation and customer service. 

Survey of Carlson Software

Data collection

Popular data collectors are to be uploaded and downloaded.

Adjustment of Traverse

It contains a spreadsheet editor to process traverse adjustment of raw data with graphics.


Provides an advanced network for level data, total station, and GPS.

Field to finish

Point descriptions and point groups are set within the software by various flexible methods.

Inspector for the field to finish

The software itself inspects all field-to-finish elements. You can check the description edits and description sources. 


Sideshot, streamlined inverse, interpolation, rotate, translate, align, and scale.

Transformations are coordinated

Screen entities and transform coordination happen between lat and grid projections. The local-to-local by Helmart is also used. 


You can read deed data from the deed files. The deed can be entered through the description. Legal descriptions are generated from drawings. 

Cut Sheets

Custom cut sheets are created with reference grades and station offsets.

What are the new features of Carlson software?

  1. A new drone mission planning has been incorporated within the software.

  1. A new method called Carlson PhotoCapture is added to download files by file type.

  1. A new option called Collision check has been added to draw 3D lines with 3D text for 3D viewing. Coloring of pipe portions is added. A report of vertical and horizontal clearance is created. You can check collision with a surface model within the software.

  1. A utility network has been built within the software. Added settings are incorporated for pipe labels. It helps to create profile depth and streamlined profile to check pipe depths and min/max cover.

  1. Supports for alignment with multiple segments are added. It has the ability to use a centerline or polyline to support angled parking.  

  1. New functions to cross sections have been added too. 

Some competitors and alternatives of Carlson software;

Civil 3D

This is engineering design software for documentation and civil solutions. The software supports BIM or Building Information Modeling workflows. 


This software is specially designed for construction, operation, and architecture engineering. It provides utility systems, bridges, and building constructions, and communication networks.

OpenRoads Designer

This software is for civil analysis, transportation, and design. It enables the project delivery of road networks and supports operational workflows. 


This is a 2D/3D graphical user software. It has MicroStation and ESRI ArcGIS. 

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