Waterfall Drinking Game

Waterfall Drinking Game – A Complete Guide

How to play the waterfall drinking game? -You probably ended up searching for it. If you have landed here, you either have heard of the game or probably played it with some friends sometimes but forgot the rules, or just looking for something fun to do this weekend. Either way, we got you covered!

As a college student, you are sometimes bored or broke or even both. With student loan EMIs, trying to work a shift getting underpaid and having to maintain grades every semester, going out every weekend can get a little expensive. What if I were to tell you that there’s a fun gripping drinking game that can keep you all entertained for a whole evening and probably is even more fun than a regular club night? You can order some Pizza and whilst it gets delivered you can also set up for the whole game. It’s very easy, very basic and super fun!

Waterfall Drinking Game

Read further to know how to play the Waterfall Drinking Game!

 But wait, stop here if you do not have an amazing capacity for alcohol or are not of legal age to drink. This is a fair warning, and we’re in no way responsible for any of your irresponsible acts. Just had to get that out there! Also, if you are underage or simply do not want to drink you can still play this game, just switch it with your favourite soda, Gatorade or Red bullshots! It’s just as fun! 

What do I need to play this game?

The things you need to play this game are fundamental, and you probably have them in your house/dorm/apartment already! But just in case you do not, they are easy to get and do not cost a lot. So, this is a checklist of what you need to play the Waterfall Drinking Game.

  1. Large bottle(s) of your favourite liquor or a combination of different kinds of alcohol (make sure the spirits are strong!) *wink wink*
  2. Something to contain the liquor for each player- a cup/beer glass/shot glass or whatever floats your boat
  3. A full deck of cards. All 52 of them!
  4. A very very strong liver to take all that alcohol!

How to play the Waterfall Drinking Game?

The rules of the game are pretty simple to follow

  1. Pour your alcohol into your cups or whatever container you chose
  2. Place all of the cups together in the centre of the table, preferably in a circle
  3. Take the deck of cards and spread it around your cups of alcohol in a circle such that each card overlaps the next, which forms a ring around the alcohol.
  4. All the players sit around the table
  5. Each person draws a card from the deck, one by one and acts out the meaning of their card

What is the “meaning” you ask? Read further to know what each card stands for

The card meanings depend on whether your card is a Number Card or a Face Card

If you get a Number Card, the following rules apply to you in the waterfall drinking game:

2 ⇒ YOU: If you draw a 2 from the deck, YOU get to choose someone to make them drink

3 ⇒ ME: Well, three is all me! If you draw three you have to take a drink!

4 ⇒ FLOOR: Drop it down! The last one who touches the floor last has to drink

5 ⇒ GUYS: All the men on the table drink

6 ⇒ CHICKS: All the Ladies drink up!!!

7 ⇒ HEAVEN: Everybody points up to heaven! The last one to do so drinks!

8 ⇒ DATE: A golden opportunity if you have your crush on the table. You have to ask anyone at the table for a drinks DATE. You could also set a BFF date!

9 ⇒ RHYME: You have to start speaking in rhymes: I hope you don’t fail or there will always be a tale, and people will always think, at this game you badly stink!

10 ⇒ CATEGORIES: The player gets to call categories, like Games, Football Players, and Favorite artists…you go in rounds saying it out loud and the first one to fumble has to have a drink.

If you get a Face Card, the following rules apply to you

Jack: Jack of all trades raises a toast and everybody Drinks up!

Queen: The royal queen can question anyone on the table and if they do not answer you can make them drink up!

King: the decision-maker can give a one-time “I will Pass” pardon to anyone on the table except themselves. Or has a chance to ask someone to dance?

Ace: This is where it all goes down. If anyone draws an ace, that person chooses which of the two to their immediate left or right gets to drink. The person who drinks then decides who drinks next, and this goes on and on!

When does the game end?

This game can be played till either one of these things happens

  1. You run out of cards
  2. Any person, while drawing a card, flips another card over (you’re almost drunk!)
  3. Any player whilst drawing a card ends up breaking the card ring
  4. You’ve run out of booze (yes, you’re completely drunk!)
  5. Three more players say “PASS” to drinking (to not get that drunk!)

You can also bring in fun variations like these!

  • Assign your own fun actions to all the name cards and face cards. Set fun rules like five, make dive, and the person has to chug!
  • You can also set a face card as a Wild Card and the person can give anyone on the table a “dare” failing which the person has to take a shot.
  • You can include Joker cards and whoever draws them has to try to make anyone laugh on the table in 3 mins. If the person cracks up, they drink, if no one laughs they have to drink up!
  • Remove all queens from the deck except the Queen of hearts. When a person draws this card, they have the power to create a “Secret Concoction”. In an empty SHOT GLASS, they can combine various alcohols and keep it in the centre for anyone who draws a Jack after them. If all jacks are over, you can also choose ACE. The person who draws this card is immune to the concoction for the game.


The Waterfall Drinking game is a fun game that might probably end with fun times and possibly a hangover. Nevertheless, it is a fun evening with friends and family. Let us know in the comments what variations you tried with the game! Follow our website for more fun games and hangout ideas!

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