Thimbleweed Park Walkthrough Review And Guide.

Thimbleweed Park is an adventure game developed by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick for Microsoft WindowsmacOSiOSXbox OnePlayStation 4LinuxAndroid, and Nintendo Switch. The game was made available 3 on November 18, 2014. The game is a successor to Gilbert and Winnick’s previous games Maniac Mansion which was released in the year 1987 and The Secret of Monkey Island which was released in the year 1990, and is almost similar, visually. The way this game is played can be compared to the early adventure games. It is seen from a third-person perspective. The base of the screen is covered by the player’s inventory and a list of verbs, like “use”, “pick up”, and “talk to”. By clicking on a verb and then on a few items or characters, the action will be performed pertaining to that verb. An example from the reveal trailer was “Use balloon animal with a corpse”, performed by clicking on the verb “use”, the “balloon animal” item in the player’s inventory, and a corpse found in an area in the game.

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The game is set in a town called Thimbleweed Park, which was once a prosperous business area, but the present scenario is much different and has something mysterious to offer. There are five playable characters in Thimbleweed Park. The player is acquainted with two detectives who are here to investigate a case related to a body found in the river. The third character is Dolores. A clown called Ransome with a curse wanders in the circus. Franklin, the fifth character wakes up on the thirteenth floor of a hotel only to find out that is dead. The characters can be switched at any time. The game has numerous locations to be visited and various difficulty levels also.  The beginning includes an encounter with an old drunken man (Part one) who does not make any revelations, as he goes to sleep. In the second part, you will have to take control of two agents, Ray and Reyes. They find the corpse, take pictures of the same, find hotel keys from the body, and then go to the hotel to investigate further.  The third part includes the exchange of a few dialogues with the receptionist of the hotel, a reporter an annoying kid in the hotel lobby. Moreover, you will have to collect a few items also. The player is also switched to Franklin in between. The other parts are called The Arrest (The Circus) The Will & The Reading, The Factory, The Madness, and finally, The Escape. Moving forward the mystery grows thicker and it gets really interesting to play as The Thimbleweed Park has a good theme to offer.


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