Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate

Pokemon go unable to authenticate [Issue resolved]

Pokemon Go is one of the most widely played games in the world today. Several complaints have been raised by players over the “ Pokemon go unable to authenticate ” or “please try again” errors. The most annoying error occurs when the system automatically chooses to remove the player from the major Pokeman Go interface. These errors are frustrating and reduce the interest of most players. 

You should not be afraid of trying the game because there is a way to solve these errors. You are required to follow the instructions correctly to bypass the error. There are several factors that could lead to the “ Pokemon go unable to authenticate ” error. Below are solutions to help you solve the error whenever it occurs:

Pokemon Go Unable To Authenticate

You are prohibited from playing the game

Ignoring the rules and regulations of the game has resulted in the closure of numerous accounts by Niantic. It occurs due to using unauthenticated software, fake locations, or using third-party software to access the game’s back end. There are cases where players have faked utilizing a bot to keep the game going which ended up in their account being barred. In case you have engaged in any of these malpractices with your account and the error keeps appearing whenever you try playing Pokeman Go, then you might have been prohibited from the game.

In case you hypothesize a ban, as the problem does not panic, you can visit the Niantic official page and request to be given access. An automatic reply will be generated affirming the prohibition then an email will be shared requesting you to fill in the appeal documents.

You are not prohibited from playing the game

Players should keep in mind that the error is not only a result of falsified information. They can appear without breaking the Terms of Service. For such cases, it means there could be some kind of a hiccup with the system. Log out of your account and re-login to check if the problem will recur. For players with Android-phone, go to your google account settings to get rid of the Pokeman Go permissions then reinstall the application. Always ensure you use the correct google account to access the game as some cases of the wrong google account used to access the game have caused the error. 

Whenever you have several google passwords saved, clear all of them to avoid self-executing login with wrong login information. If the error persists, log out of the account and establish a Pokeman Trainer Club account. Log in using it, play some games then log out and use your usual google account access to the game. This method is known to work perfectly well.

Rooted phone

Niantic does not back Android phones that are rooted. The problem is that in most cases even if you choose to unroot your device, you may still encounter the problem because your phone could still be having existing evidence of a rooted device from the settings. 

IP or location issues

Although this issue is not common, complaints have come up recently on the same. It seems like the game is not supported in some areas. Claims have surfaced that a player with unrooted devices and who has never broken the Terms of Service still experiences the error. Most such complaints have emerged from clients from regions like Ontario. In such areas, players are advised to use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet rather than mobile data as the issue is being tackled.

Visiting the Niantic Support Page is important as it provides the best guide to identifying known problems and provide troubleshooting instructions.

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