Persona 5 New Game Plus

Persona 5 is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus. Persona 5 takes place in modern-day Tokyo and captures the protagonist Joker following his transfer to Shujin Academy after being put on probation for an assault of which he had been falsely accused. The game was first released on September 15 in the year 2016.

An image showing characters of persona 5 game
Characters of the Persona 5 game

Persona 5 has begun a New Game + mode, which unlocks after you finish the game. It allows the player to carry over multiple things that he or she had unlocked during the previous play into a fresh run. More specifically, one can start a new story with many more bonuses than before. Things that a player can carry to the New Game + are:-

  1. Social Stats
  2. All Skill Cards
  3. Money Earned
  4. Persona Compendium
  5. Weapons, Armor, and Other Pieces of Equipment

However, there are things that one cannot carry forward to the New Game Plus and they are:-

  1. Character Level
  2. Cooperation Level
  3. All Equipped Personas
  4. All Consumable Items – Valentine’s Chocolates Remain
  5. All Items Except Weapons, Armor, and Other Pieces of Equipment

More about the Persona New Game plus:

To unlock the new game + you must finish the game. After it’s done and you have seen the ending, the game will question whether you want to save your ‘Clear Data’. Make sure that you save this Clear Data onto a save slot which is of your choice – but keep in mind that overwriting the last save that you made during gameplay will signify that you can no longer go back to it. Once you have saved your Clear Data, you will be returned to the main menu screen. From here, you just have to select Load Game, and then choose to load your Clear Data from the options. Next, you will be asked whether you want to carry over your progress and data into a new game. Select yes and you will straight into the New Game plus.

When talking about the difficulty level’s change, yes it is possible. You can change Persona 5’s difficulty level when starting the New Game +, regardless of the difficulty setting you chose during your previous playthrough (previous game). Once the story has started and you’re in the interrogation room, the option to change the difficulty level will once again pop up and be asked of you.

The important things that are carried forward in the New Game Plus:-

  1. Playtime: Your playtime will carry over into New Game Plus. For instance, if your playthrough took 100 hours previously and you save after spending 5 hours in New Game Plus, your playtime will read as 105 hours.
  2. Social Stats: These are the statistics of what is built by you outside the battle. It includes Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness, and Charm. In New Game +, all such progress is carried forward.
  3. Money: all the money left in the previous playthrough will directly be carried forward in the new game +.
  4. Persona compendium: All the personas that are unlocked by you in the previous playthrough will be carried forward in the new game plus.
  5. Equipment: All the direct combat weapons, ranged weapons, armor, and accessories that were in your inventory when you finished your playthrough will be carried forward into the New Game plus.
  6. Skill cards: Any skill card that you come across previously will be carried into the new game plus as well. Skill Cards can be given to any persona in order to have them learn that particular Skill Card’s skill.

What can be better than starting a game from where you had left it before? The persona new game plus is everything that you need. You can check more about Persona New Game on Cable TV. As Cable Compare Updates for your Best TV Antennas Guide!


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