OSRS Wintertodt Guide

What are we going to discuss in this complete guide to OSRS Wintertodt?

  • Wintertodt appropriate clothing
  • Wintertodt appropriate tools
  • Wintertodt appropriate food
  • How to Wintertodt?
  • Travel to Wintertodt
  • Lightning the Brazier
  • Chopping Bruma Roots
  • Healing the Pyromancer
  • Fixing the Brazier
  • Fletching the Bruma Roots
  • Feeding the Brazier.

Wintertodt appropriate clothing

The best set of outfits to opt for is either the Pyromancer outfit or the Clue Hunter outfit. For a beginner at Wintertodt, it is hard to get the Pyromancer outfit which is available in the Wintertodt supply crate. The second best option to opt for if Pyromancer is not available is the Clue Hunter outfit.

Although a lot of other options are available to choose from, the Clue Hunter outfit has all the clothing items available to sustain the cold. In order to collect all the pieces of the Clue Hunter outfit, you will require a spade to dig and some teleport to teleport between locations. Clue Hunter outfit consists of-

  • Gloves and Boots
    You will find gloves and boots right next to the Oak tree near Fishing Guild. All you have to do is dig up at the spot to collect the items.
  • Garb
    You will find garb near Kourend Castle. All you have to do is dig up to the southwest of the location to collect the item.
  • Trousers
    You will find trousers near Tai Bwo Wannai. All you have to do is dig up near the porthole dungeon to collect the item.
  • Cloak
    You will find the cloak at Yanille. All you have to do is dig between two Willow trees towards the south.

As you advance at Wintertodt you will keep getting items from the Pyromancer outfit which can be added to your clothing. 


Wintertodt appropriate tools

The tools you will need to carry along before starting Wintertodt are- Knife, Tinderbox, Bruma Torch, Axe, Rejuvenation Potion, and a Hammer. Why? Here’s why

  • Knife
    In order to fletch Bruma roots into Bruma kindling, you will need a knife.
  • Tinderbox
    To light braziers, you will need a tinderbox.
  • Bruma Torch
    If a tinderbox is not available to light the brazier you can use a Bruma torch instead or the other way around.
  • Axe
    Either the bronze one or the dragon one, whatever is available to chop down the roots.
  • Rejuvenation Potion
    You will need a Rejuvenation Potion to rejuvenate the Pyromancer.
  • Hammer
    Repairing the brazier if any breaks needs a hammer to work with.

Wintertodt appropriate food

  • For Hit Points less than 70
    Players with hit points lesser than 70 can pull off with either cakes or wine. Cakes are an easier option for a low-hit point player to proportionate low healing, whereas a medium-hit point player can go about with wine to the proportionate mediocre rate of healing.
  • For Hit Points of more than 87
    Players with a hit point greater than 87 need to opt for Saradomin brews. Saradomin brews are a great option for a high-hit point player to proportionate faster healing.  

How to Wintertodt (Step by Step guide)? 

  • Travel to Wintertodt
    There are three ways to reach Wintertodt-

    The fastest way is to teleport, all you need is a Games Necklace to teleport to the Wintertodt.

    The second way is by taking the long sea and land route, where you travel on a boat from Sarim to Piscarilius and then take the land route towards Wintertodt according to the map.

    The third and final way is by paying 80,000 coins to Troussa to let you use the Fairy Ring CIS and walk towards Wintertodt taking the yellow line guidance. Now that you have reached WIntertodt through any of these modes the actual game begins.
  • Lightning the Brazier
    Lightning the Brazier is the first step to start Wintertodt. Start off with standing next to a brazier. By doing so you can light the brazier and also you are less prone to snowstorm attacks. In order to light the brazier, you will have to select either the Bruma torch or the Tinderbox from the inventory (whichever is available). Lightning the Brazier earns you 25 points.
  • Chopping Bruma Roots
    The second step in Wintertodt is chopping Bruma roots. To keep the flame up of the brazier you will have to fetch some Bruma roots by chopping them up with any axe available. Now feeding these chopped roots to the flames will keep the light up. Burning the Bruma roots earns you 10 points.
  • Healing the Pyromancer
    The third step in Wintertodt is healing the pyromancer. At times the lighted brazier blows off due to a hurt pyromancer. In these cases to reignite the flame, you will first have to heal the pyromancer. The rejuvenation potion that we carried along, in the beginning, comes of help at this point. Healing the Pyromancer earns you about 30 points.
  • Fixing the Brazier
    The fourth step in Wintertodt is fixing the Brazier. Lighted Braziers are sometimes attacked by snow storms that blow off the fire. In order to reignite the fire, you will first have to fix the brazier. Brazier can be fixed by clicking it with the hammer available in the inventory. Once the brazier is fixed, you can rekindle it by following the first step i.e., either by selecting Tinderbox or Bruma Torch. Fixing the Brazier earns you about 25 points.
  • Fletching the Bruma Roots
    The fifth step in Wintertodt is fletching the Bruma roots. Stock up on as much Bruma Kindling as possible. To get a Bruma kindling you will have to use a knife on the Bruma root. This way burning Bruma kindling instead of Bruma roots will end you up with 15 more points than the latter. Burning Bruma kindling earns you about 25 points.
  • Feeding the Brazier
    The sixth and final step in Wintertodt is feeding the brazier. Make sure that you keep feeding the brazier with either Bruma roots or Bruma kindlings according to your feasibility in order to keep the flame ignited. Also making sure that you are healthy enough to keep the brazier alight. 

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