No Game No Life: Season 2 – Latest Update And Will It Return?

No Game No Life was released back in 2014, and soon after its release, the animé won the hearts of fanatics and critics alike. The premise of the animé is based around comical conversations and profound character development, which is a captivating spectacle for many.

No Game No Life has become a massive sensation, with fans passionately waiting for the second season of this alluring show. However, there has been no official news regarding that yet, which has enthusiasts irked.

In this article, I will provide all the details that we have yet, regarding No Game No Life: Season 2, and when you can expect it to release. Bear in mind that this is NOT official news, and based on my judgments.

What Is No Game No Life?

Authored by the Japanese novelist, Thiago Furukawa Lucas, renowned as Yuu Kamiya, No Game No Life is a Japanese light novel series, which revolves around a group of human gamers with the motive of overcoming the God of games at a series of board games, as to usurp the God’s throne.

No Game No Life Season 2
Source: The Storify News-Times

No Game No Life began receiving recognition in 2014, when it first appeared in Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi!, and became one of the top thirty best-selling novels in Japan. The manga and animé also received English adaptations, with the manga becoming a New York Times Manga Best-Seller. Albeit the English adaptation was confronted with severe criticism from critics who only watched the pilot episode, it was praised by those who concluded the entire series – with the character dynamics, game strategies, and animation.

An animé adaptation of No Game No Life was released on AT-X between April and July 2014 and was premiered outside of Japan by Crunchyroll. Soon after its prominence, the franchise was established in North America by companies – Seven Seas Entertainment licensed the manga, Sentai Filmworks licensed the animé, and Yen Press licensed the novels.

No Game No Life: Season 2 – Will It Happen?

With the studio being silent, it is grim to predict when the sequel might be released. Since the studio only makes single series of its animés, there’s even a doubt that Season 2 might not be happening at all.

However, given the reputation of the animé itself, there’s a prospect that Season 2 might be released one day. Also, with the fact that novels of the series are still being made, it provides the studio with ample material to work on another season.

Release Date

In 2017, MadHouse released a prequel to the series titled, No Game No Life: Zero – this was almost 3 years after the release of the series. Even though there has been no official announcement regarding the release of Season 2, one thing’s for certain; there will be a lot of waiting involved.

There have been several internet forums speculating on the release date for months now! It seems that the fans are certain about the sequel regardless of any official news. With that said, Season 2 might air somewhere around mid-2021 – yes, another year of waiting!

Rumors on the release date suggest that the series might have a new season during the late summer or early autumn of 2020, but again, this is just a rumor.

But that isn’t all; there have also been speculations as to whether or not Netflix might pick up the series as an exclusive on their platform since the series is doing well. Alas, this seems unlikely!

Season 1 Is Still On Netflix

For those of you who haven’t watched the series, you can still do it! You can stream the first season of the series on Netflix for only $8.99, along with many other series. Moreover, you can avail of a month of trial on the platform for FREE. It is worth mentioning that you should also stream the prequel to the series, as mentioned above, while you’re at it.

No Game No Life Season 2
Source: Netflix

While the wait is exasperating indeed, stay tuned to our website for any further updates regarding the series.

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