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Maplestory 2 Assassin Build: The Updated Tricks & Guide

In the case of handling the lethal damage, the Assassin can be said to be the best in Maplestory 2.

Equipped to Slay

Firstly, we will be talking about Attribute. For the Assassin that is built for Crit, the main stat would be Luck. Most of the Assassin builds take critical hits as a damage boost. You should try to go full points into Luck if you are going with Fatal Strikes. You also can reset AP for free so that you can test your DPS for your Assassin build.

For the gear bonuses, the focus would be on these stats for each gear type. Here is an arrangement of them in order of their priorities.

  • Weapon: Piercing > Physical Attack> Total Damage > Physical Piercing
  • Headgear/Suit/Top/Bottom: Boss Damage> Physical Attack
  • Gloves: Boss Damage > Physical Piercing
  • Shoes: Boss Damage
  • Cape: Piercing > Boss Damage >Critical Damage/Critical Rate
  • Belt: Piercing > Boss Damage >Critical Damage/Critical Rate
  • Earring/Amulet: Piercing > Boss Damage > Critical Damage/Critical Rate

The Gear with such bonuses is important but it also might cost you a lot of Maplestory 2 Mesos.

Maplestory 2 Assassin Skills

Here are the basic skills of every Assassin:

Thrown Weapon Mastery: This will notably increase the damage of the weapons that you throw

Lucky Stars: The Assassin can deal with 76% damage twice by throwing his/her weapons to the closest enemy, who must be within 8 meters. The weapons can bounce off to other enemies within 3 meters the kind of weapon used affects the amount of damage that can be dealt with.

Shadow Cutter: The Assassin can throw his/her weapon 8 meters in the forward direction and deal with 99% of dark damage twice. This skill only considers the right-hand weapon damage.

Star Chaser: The Assassin has to throw 4 homing weapons at 8 enemies within 8 meters, to deal with 39% damage per hit. Here also, the kind of weapons used affects the damage that I being dealt with.

Star Flurry: This lets the Assassin throw 3 weapons at the enemy that is the nearest, within 8 meters. This can deal with 59% of damage, up to six times.

Shadow Burst: The Assassin has to throw 5 weapons, to deal with 211% of damage twice, to 8 enemies in an 8-meter range.

Soul Grind: Just throw a big weapon, to deal with 97% of dark damage to 5 enemies within a 3-meter range, for 5 time

Specially built for the Shadows

For the Assassin, in Maplestory 2 there are namely three skill set builds. The first one has Lucky Stars, Star Chaser, and Star Flurry builds. The other one is the Shadow Cutter build. Lastly, we have the Assassin Mirror Image Build. It creates a mirror image of enemies. The assassin is one of the best classes when it comes to dealing with damage. It is also very exciting to use it! You can easily build one for yourself to enjoy MapleStory 2 Assassin Build.

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