Magic Mushrooms Enhance your Gaming Experience

Magic Mushrooms Can Greatly Enhance your Gaming Experience

Magic mushrooms are a type of fungi that grow in the wild or are cultivated. They contain psilocybin, which is a psychoactive and natural-occurring hallucinogenic compound. Magic mushrooms have strong psychoactive properties, which makes it particularly enjoyable to play video games. You can find more information about magic mushrooms at Zamnesia, which also sells grow kits for making your own.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

These bite-sized shrooms pack a punch and really make the ordinary extraordinary. After a few weeks of growing them, they will “bloom” and can be consumed afterward. The personal growth kits are great for use at home which has everything you need and describe the cultivation process in detail.

The psychoactive mushrooms are in the psilocybin genus which spans over 200 mushroom varieties. Psilocybin has been studied and shown to have the potential to relieve stress and depression. In recent times it is becoming more popular as a potential treatment as more scientific research is conducted. 

How Magic Mushrooms Enhance Gaming

Ingesting magic mushrooms is known to “free” the brain. Magic mushrooms contain the main active compound psilocybin which is responsible for producing psychoactive effects. This effect is known to create an altered reality that can really be enjoyed when gaming. Also, they also bring about relaxed feelings similar to those of low marijuana doses.

Shrooms produce the most effects by working the neural highways of the brain. The part of the mind that regulates abstract thinking controls moods and perception (Prefrontal cortex) is the one profoundly affected. As a gamer, your enjoyment will be higher without any deviations. This will enable you to thoroughly enjoy new games as you find them hilarious and adventurous. Or replay favorite old games with a new perception that can bring enjoyment similar to when you played it for the first time. Also, since games increase your cortisol levels and excite you, it makes magic mushrooms a great pairing. However, while the game may be more enjoyable it won’t necessarily make you a better gamer until the temporary effects have worn off. 

They also increase brain activity by producing a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Psilocin is structured the same as serotonin which ultimately stimulates brain receptors. These amplified stimulations lead the body to enjoy any experience ignoring the past feelings you may have had prior to taking the mushrooms. This is great since it allows you to forget the troubles of the day and feel new and enjoyable experiences. The perceptions can be visual, audio, and/or emotional. Since this alters the normal brain function to increase serotonin it is a plus to any game.

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