Driverscape Safe

Is driverscape safe? Honest Reviews

Drivers run our machines every day keeping the hardware in good condition, and they must be updated every time a new version is released. Driverscape is a third-party database of free drivers with various functions. Avoid these inconveniences by employing a better-tested experience with driverscape. However, the question is driverscape safe? 

Driverscape Safe

DriverScape is a host to many drivers that are manually obtained from their official manufacturers. They are organized by vendor names and device categories for easy navigation. Some of the functions performed by driver scape are graphic cards to motherboards, USB keyboards, mice, Bluetooth drivers, Mobile phone drivers, and much more. 

Do You Need Driversafe?

Besides the question of whether Driverscape is safe, is there a need for you to obtain drivers from a third-party manually from driverscape library to run your device? The truth is NO. Every drive manufacturer knows when it is time to release an update of their product. For example, the stellar job of Windows updating its drivers is unmatched. Most drivers do not need a manual update which is what happens with this tool. 

If Windows falls short of an update that is needed by a specific driver, then you can visit the support page of the device manufacturer and update your driver. Getting updates from the manufacturer is a guarantee of authenticity and a download free of malware and trojans.

Is Driverscape Safe?

It is reliable and legit according to most reviewers as it has worked for most users but no guarantee as to whether the site is not a scam. Many websites appear legit but are fake, which is why you need to do extensive research before using a third-party application. Here are the positive and negative highlights of driverscape. 

Positive Highlights

  • The website has been around for a long time.
  • It is deemed a popular site by Alexa with a good ranking
  • There are mixed reviews from users

Negative Highlights

  • The website owner hides their identity 
  • It has no valid SSL certificate 
  • It has been reviewed in both ways: Negatively and positively
  • You find books for download. 

Driverscape Company Rating

The reason why the website owner hides his identity may be due to positive or negative reasons. However, the most likely reason is that he does not want to get spammed. When a website owner hides their identity, the result is low rating scores. People will always ask themselves why they are hiding. Is it because they are a scam themselves? 

If you go through the company reviews online, it has received good and bad reviews in both extremes, which might be an indication of a scam. As a result, the owner hides and then buys positive reviews to outrun the negatives. Take time to read through all reviews manually then make your decision if the positive ones are real. 

Webshop Analysis

The website has been around for many years, which looks like a positive because the longer a website has been around, it is expected to carry out legit business. Unfortunately, the website age might not also be a guarantee of legit service. Many times scammers buy existing domains to carry out their malicious works. So, don’t only dive in because a site has been in existence for a long time. 

Alexa ranks this website highly, and it is a good sign. It has many visitors and other websites linked to it as a show that it is relevant to others. The offers for visitors to download books may be a legit service, but others have also offered this service only to turn out as scammers in the end.  

The books offered on scam sites are discounted or free, something you should consider to compare with other sites like Amazon offering the same books. If the price is too reasonable compared to Amazon, then perhaps it is legit. 

Technical Analysis

As earlier mentioned, there is no valid SSL certificate on this site, and it is a bad sign. An SSL certificate ensures secure communication between your computer and the website, meaning if it is not available, then there is no safe communication. However, if there is nowhere you are asked to fill in forms or log in, then the SSL certificate is not necessary. 

Let Driverscape be the Last Result

Driverscape might be a blessing if you are looking to update an old sound card. Approach the website with caution and download data individually and avoid using the site’s proprietary utility. Once you download a driver, run it through a robust antivirus and scan any malware before use. 

If you come across any eye-browsing signs, stop immediately and delete the driver. There are stories of fake drivers from driver scape, but this should not stop you because some of these posts go way back and the site has cleaned up any past questionable acts. 


Is driverscape safe? Getting a straight answer to this question is tricky, but you need to research before making the decision. Updating your drivers from a manufacturer’s website is always the best way other than third-party hosts. In a scenario where some drivers are hard to find, perhaps you can turn to driver scape and do so cautiously. 

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