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How To Use Embrilliance Software?

Embrilliance software is free software that offers you the technology to create word design by using your computer keyboard. It contains the in-built BX format to make your computer keyboard work for the word designs. The BX format is exclusive to the Embrilliance software and is found nowhere else. 

The BX format is considered special as it enables the users to use embroidery font designs without the interference of foreign hardware but the regular computer keyboard can do that. The users do not need to merge each individual letter to create names, phrases, or words by using the embrilliance software. 

You can download it for free to experiment and get accustomed to the software. Otherwise, it is recommended to buy the software to access all the exciting features. The free version doesn’t have many features in it. 

1. The method to use Embrilliance software;

We will guide you through the entire process of using the mentioned software.

1.1. Download Embrilliance software;

The foremost thing you have to do is, download the software. You have to go to the embrilliance platform from where you can choose the best version for your computer and then download the software.

1.2. Embrilliance program needs to be installed;

Once you have downloaded the software you have to install it. Now when you open it you will be either asked to enter the serial number or you can continue using the Express mode which is the free version of the embrilliance software. This will let you use the BX format where you can design the words through your computer keyboard. However, there are limited features apart from the BX format. Now it’s time to add some files to the program.

1.3. Lettering designs can be created by using embrilliance software;

  • There is a blue A button on the top right of the toolbar. Click on it. A lettering design will be added through this using ABC letters.
  • The Properties Window to the right contains blue arrows which will let you choose your preferred font. 
  • Now once you click SET you will see the design you’ve made on the screen along with its size.
  • You have to repeat these steps for each word you make.
  • To choose the font and size of the letters you have to click the blue arrows next to the font. 
  • Click on the SET option.

You may want to adjust the gapping and spacing between two words. For this, you just have to left-click and hold on to the Space slide to adjust it. The slant of the letters can also be adjusted by this method.

1.4. Now you have to save the design;

  • You’ll find the File option on the top left.
  • Click on Save as.
  • Name the file.
  • Choose a folder to store the file.
  • Choose the design format
  • Save.

2. What can you do with the Embrilliance Software?

You are allowed to create text designs of your choice. Starting from multi-line text to circle text and even spiral text; everything can be done by using this software. It also lets you adjust lettering by using the handles on the letters.

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