dm1 pro s software

How to use DM1 Pro s Software?

DM1 Pro S Software is an application launched by Dream Machines Company. It is gaming mouse software that has quite a positive impression among its users. It is sleek looking and has a smooth black coating. The shape is quite comfortable for all hand sizes and the super-fast performance makes it one of the favorite gaming mice users. The grip of the mouse won’t let your hand slip while using it. There is a rubber coating on the sides of the mouse. There is a solid coating on the top of the mouse yet it does not feel very hard. 

Features of DM1 Pro S software

This gaming mouse consists of 5 programmable buttons. You’ll find them on the two sides and below the mouse wheel. The button below the wheel controls the various DPI settings within the software. But there is a major drawback the users have to go through all the DPI settings to get to their preferred one. The DPI levels are 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 4800, and 1200.  

Is DM1 Pro S Software comfortable for users?

The surface of the mouse is very smooth hence we can’t complain about its performance. The shape and the grip of DM1 Pro s software are so comfortable that the users don’t have to scrunch up their fingers to make a perfect claw grip. The buttons are easy to operate with very little effort while using the mouse. You’ll also find the DPI modes of the mouse to be color coated so that you can differentiate between the various DPI Levels. The LED light of the gaming mouse is subtle with the rear logo. 

Customers’ Reviews of DM1 Pro s Software

  1. A user said that it is a very handy and easy-to-use gaming mouse. The grip is very comfortable with a super-fast performance.
  2. Another user stated that it is a better gaming mouse than any other in the same range. 
  3. A user said that it is a very basic gaming mouse with a lot of vital features missing from it. 
  4. Someone said that there is nothing very flashy about the mouse. The features are very basic. 

Other gaming mice often compared to DM1 Pro S Software

  1. Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse: According to many customers the Redragon M601 gaming mouse is a decent mouse with moderately advanced features. It is a lightweight and well-built gaming mouse with an ambidextrous shape. The Redragon m601 gaming mouse is an ergonomic backlit gaming mouse with advanced modern features. The DPI adjustment is 800/ 1600/ 2400/ 3200  with 3600FPS, 15G ACC super-fast engine. It consists of 5 memory profiles along with 5 programmable buttons. The weight of the mouse is 1.5g and is suitable for large-sized hands. Also, the shape and grip of the gaming mouse are really good. The mouse has a wide range of CPI and low lift-off distance. The clicks of the buttons are smooth and easy for gaming purposes. The CPI adjustments are also very irregular as they mentioned. The mouse feel is decent but the cable is of very poor quality.
  1. Onn gaming mouse: The company Onn directly launches the software and lets you change the polling rate, lighting, and color effects, change the dots per inch, delay, macros, and button configuration. There is a USB nano receiver stored in the mouse so that you don’t have to change the batteries or get worried about the mouse getting inactive. The one-mouse software can be used on both the Windows and Mac platforms. But the only drawback of the mouse is that if the details within the software are modified a little, it will only function on a Windows OS. This mouse looks like other gaming mice. But it is a great buy for window users. The mouse has a stored nano receiver with 70 hours of battery life and has a very convenient and compact grip and design. You’ll find a user guide within the package.

  1. T7 Gaming Mouse: T7 wired gaming mice have 16.8 million LED colors along with 7 modes of light. The users can adjust the light settings as per their choices. It comes up in various designs as well as brightness and speed. The mouse offers the scope of stabilizing your secret weapon for the game with a button lock. The makers of the t7 gaming mouse software have intentionally designed the software in a way so that it can function on all the platforms like Windows XP- 10. We have already mentioned its compatibility with 34-bit and 64-bit OS X. So, it is easy for you to download the t7 gaming mouse software. It is considered to be an entry-level ergonomic optical mouse for computers.

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