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How To Play PS4 On a Laptop Screen With HDMI

The PlayStation 4, or PS4, has been a popular gaming console since its release in 2013. Many gamers prefer the convenience of playing on a laptop or desktop computer, and fortunately, it is possible to connect your PS4 to your laptop screen via HDMI. In this essay, we will provide steps on how to play PS4 on a laptop screen using HDMI.

1. PS4 HDMI to Laptop: The initial Part;

Firstly, before getting into the actual steps, we need to check if your laptop supports HDMI input. Unfortunately, not all laptops are designed with this feature as it depends on the laptop’s display technology. Therefore, to ensure you don’t waste your time trying to play the PS4 on a laptop with no HDMI input, you need to check first. Look for the HDMI port on your laptop; it is usually located at the side or back of the laptop. If you’re not sure where it is situated, check your laptop’s user manual or refer to an online guide.

2. PS4 HDMI to Laptop: The steps

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Once you’ve confirmed that your laptop has HDMI input, the next step is to gather the necessary equipment. To connect your PS4 to your laptop, you will need an HDMI cable, as well as an HDMI input device, which may be a USB video capture card or an HDMI capture card. These devices act as intermediaries between the PS4 and the laptop, allowing you to transmit the PS4’s display signals to the laptop’s screen. HDMI capture cards are generally more expensive than USB video capture cards, but they provide higher video quality and better performance.

Next, connect the PS4 to the USB video capture card or HDMI capture card using an HDMI cable. To connect the HDMI cable, first, switch off both the PS4 and the laptop device. Attach one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the back of the PS4, and then connect the other side of the cable to the HDMI input port on your USB video capture card or HDMI capture card. If you’re using a USB video capture card, connect the device to your laptop’s USB port.

After making the physical connections, turn on your PS4 and Laptop device. Wait for both devices to complete the boot-up process fully. Once the devices are turned on and fully functional, you may need to configure the settings for the PS4 to display the video signal on the laptop screen.

3. PS4 HDMI to Laptop: The features you need to activate;

To start accessing the PS4 on your laptop screen, you’ll need to activate the PS4’s ‘Remote Play feature. Remote Play is a feature that allows you to connect your PS4 to a device such as a laptop or a smartphone via the internet, enabling you to play your PS4 games remotely.

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  • The first step in activating Remote Play is to ensure that your PS4 is ‘enabled for Remote Play.’ To do this, go to ‘Settings,’ then ‘Remote Play Connection Settings’ on your PS4 console. It is essential to ensure that the ‘Enable Remote Play’ option is checked.
  • Next, download the Remote Play app on your laptop. If you play the PS4 on a device other than a PS Vita, the PC or laptop’s Remote Play app must be installed before using the feature. To download the app, visit the official PlayStation website, then select your laptop’s operating system version and language.
  • After installing the Remote Play app, open it on your laptop, then enter your PlayStation Network (PSN) account details to log in. If you don’t have a PSN account, create one by selecting the ‘Register’ option.
  • The next step is to start the Remote Play connection between the PS4 and the laptop. On the Remote Play app display, select ‘Start,’ and the app will automatically search for a PS4 device on the same network. If your PS4 is nearby, it should be automatically discovered. Once the connection is established, you can start enjoying your games on your laptop screen.
  • Finally, when you’ve finished playing the PS4 using your laptop screen, end the Remote Play connection. To end the connection, press the ‘Stop’ button on the app’s interface, and the connection between the PS4 and the laptop will be terminated.



Playing the PS4 on a laptop screen using HDMI is simple and requires a few easy steps. Essentially, before beginning, confirm that your laptop possesses an HDMI input. Moreover, acquiring an HDMI cable and the necessary device to facilitate the connection between the PS4 and the laptop is necessary. Once the hardware is in place, enable Remote Play and install the requisite Remote Play app on your laptop. Launch the app, log into your PSN account, initiate the Remote Play connection, and you’re good to go. Have fun gaming!

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