How to make your laptop faster for gaming

How to make your laptop faster for Gaming

Although laptop gaming can never be as good as PC gaming, it still doesn’t mean you can’t boost your gaming performance on your laptop. There are a few ways to increase your FPS in games or get an overall better experience while gaming. But you will require a decent laptop to run the latest games.

Keep your laptop clean:

The best way to ensure your laptop sustains its peak performance is to keep it clean. If you allow dust and dirt to gather, your laptop’s airflow will be affected heavily. Dust and dirt reduce the airflow resulting in your laptop overheating. Once that happens, your components will slow down, reducing your gaming performance.

We suggest that you take your laptop to a professional every 3 months or so to get it cleaned. But if you must do it yourself, do so under supervision. Cleaning a laptop can be tricky, and you may end up breaking a component or two if you’re not careful. 

Well, the cleaning part still isn’t as tricky as opening the laptop. If you’ve never done that before, do it under professional supervision. Also, you must ensure that your laptop’s keyboard is cleaned daily to avoid catching a lot of dust. 

Dust can result in sticky keys, and if you tend to eat while using your laptop, pieces of your food can often get stuck in your laptop’s keyboard.

Use the latest drivers:

Make sure you’re utilizing the latest drivers. Driver updates often include patches to games and help improve your gaming performance. Each update is better than the last one. To ensure your laptop runs at its best performance, always remember to update your drivers. 

If you’re using a proper Graphics Card, whether it’s an AMD card or an Nvidia card, you’ll be notified once a new update comes out. And you can update your drivers from within the card company’s software that you can install from the internet.

Intel integrated graphics, on the other hand, get updated once a new windows update comes out. Integrated graphics are not the best when it comes to gaming. Most FPS games require a proper Graphics card to run properly, or to provide a good experience. Also, make sure that you’re using the latest version of DirectX.

Overclock your GPU:

You can boost your gaming performance by overclocking. Proceed with caution as it can be a bit risky. It’ll bring out the best performance your GPU can offer, but only if done correctly. If you try to push it past its limit, you’ll end up. Hence, you must be aware of your GPU’s limit.

This will result in higher temperatures, but if your laptop has a good cooling system, it shouldn’t be a major problem. But still, clean your laptop’s heatsinks and fans on a regular basis because if your laptop does overheat, it’ll shut down automatically. 

To overclock your GPU, try using MSI afterburner. MSI afterburner will not only help overclock your GPU, but it’ll also show you the temperatures your GPU is reaching.

How to Overclock Your GPU for making laptop faster

Power Settings:

A laptop is intended to be used without effective power management, so you can take it wherever you want without needing to plug it into a power source to turn it on as it runs on its own battery.

But, if you use it for gaming, it’s better to keep it connected to the power outlet to ensure a better experience. Gaming can drain your battery quickly, so it’s recommended that you keep your laptop’s battery connected at all times. This will also help when you select higher performance in your settings. To do that open Settings > System > Power and sleep > Additional power settings.


A few ways to boost your laptop’s gaming performance have been mentioned above. You can also try Windows 10 Game Mode, or try closing all background apps to decrease the workload on your laptop. Overall, all these methods will boost your laptop’s performance, but if you’re looking for the best performance in current games, a PC is way better.

You can build your own custom PC if you want to. But we hope that this helps increase your gaming performance and provides you with a better experience.

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