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How to make a Minecraft fountain? Ten ideas

Decorations like the Minecraft fountains are among the most popular that can be built in the game. When it comes to buildability, one of the best features of villager structures is that they are nice and flexible, allowing them to appear in a wide variety of locations, particularly in public spaces like gardens and courtyards. The vast majority of fountains may be constructed using easily accessible materials like wood, stone, and water. A more intricate design almost always incorporates quartz, glass, and flowstone. 

Fountains can be utilized in the same way as statues to beautify entrances and roads. They are frequently placed on either side of a road as the entranceways to enormous buildings or, even more frequently, between skyscrapers. You should read the water page on the Minecraft Wiki if you do not want further information. We’ve prepared a list of some of the best fountain designs in Minecraft:

1. A Small Wooden Fountain

Even though the fountain is rather tiny, it contributes a lot of charm as a decorative element. This shelter is constructed of easy-to-find resources, such as wood and leaves, making it quite simple to build in a survival mode setting. With its compact size, it can nearly always be stored where it is needed. To make things even easier, the fountain does not have very much water, so it would be easy to set up the water system.

2. Four Sides Water Features

But here, the supplies required will be a bit more difficult to obtain. According to the creator of Planet Minecraft, these fountains are dubbed “Fountains of Health” because there is an adjacent beacon that heals adjacent players. When making a beacon, it’s a good idea to go through our step-by-step tutorial on constructing a beacon in Minecraft.

3. A Modern Minecraft Fountain

Square, rectangle and long edges are common in modern fountains. Also, fountain pens are more often slightly taller than the other fountains and are composed of less drastically different hues (white, grey, black). This modern-looking design uses square shapes and tall edges, which are very prevalent in designs nowadays. In addition to using glass, modern Minecraft fountains are generally typically made out of concrete. However, this design has just a little concrete around the bottom.

4. A Large Quartz Fountain

It’s not that difficult to create, but you’ll have to pay attention to the bricks you position to achieve the same pattern. To make the fountain even more attractive, it incorporates some glowstone, which helps illuminate the fountain, especially at night.

5. Small Rock Fountain

A modest, smooth, and tiny-sized medieval fountain that may be installed in practically any place. The design is somewhat tiny, measuring approximately 3 x 5 blocks. This type of fountain is an excellent example of something one might design in a survival mode game, which would also work well with medieval architecture styles such as villages and castles.

6. Tall Circle Fountain

a fancier fountain, which would be more challenging to put together in the Creative Building Mode. This Minecraft design would be difficult to construct for survival because of the vertical height and curved sections, but it would be fun for those seeking a survival challenge. Be aware of the usage of obsidian, which gives the platform a distinct tint but would be frustrating if you placed a block where you didn’t intend to. Obsidian takes a very long time to break; it takes decades for the raw obsidian to crack.

7. Nether-Inspired Fountain

The fountain’s design is somewhat unconventional, and it utilizes a somewhat huge square that is slightly lifted off the ground. The square contains a fountain situated in the middle, with a few benches situated on the sides. Trees have been planted along the side of the fountain, providing some measure of seclusion for the fountain. As long as you don’t have nether bricks, you might use any of the following materials: stone, wood, or even clay.

8. Small Quartz Waterfall

The fountain’s design is created out of a less dense material than water, making it simpler to build. The spout of the fountain is remarkable because it has steps made of upside-down quartz in the corners. While using floral arrangements surrounding the fountain to decorate, the builder also achieves an overall sense of well-being in the space. This kind of fountain would look excellent in a garden.

9. Tall and Portable Fountain

a fountain that is tall but not overly wide. It would appear impressive in a castle or manor’s main entrance and is especially well-suited for multiple-unit applications. The layout is best described as using steps, slabs, and pillars. Also, adding light would improve the look. If this were done, the fountain would light up at night.

10. Large Micro Fountain

 This fountain was created by a builder who used a custom Minecraft texture pack. 

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