SSL Connection Error

How to fix SSL connection error in Android

Android users encounter this browser message often, “your connection is not private.” The message might display once or twice, but if it persists, then it becomes annoying! If this has been your story, this post got you covered. And, by the end, you will know why the SSL connection error occurs and how to solve it in different ways.   

SSL Connection Error

The message can appear on any Android device, new or old, and may not be evident. It is most likely to occur once you refresh a page, and it may be more than one time. However, it is nothing to scare you. One of the following ways will fix the issue, and you can continue browsing. 

Identify Where the error is coming from

It is advisable to diagnose where the problem is coming from before trying to solve it. The message does not display because there is something wrong with your system. The server you are trying to access has issues on the other side.

SSL Connection Error

Find out where the issue is coming from by opening sites that you are sure is SSL secured, like Google or Facebook. If they usually load and run without the message displaying, then the problem is not on your side but on the other end. Therefore, no action is needed from your end. 

Ways to Fix SSL Connection Error in Android

The SSL Certificate is one way to ascertain an authentic website and also identify the owner. The certification agency ensures that both users know each other, and the communication between the two is also encrypted. 

Encryption on a website ensures that the page you are visiting is real and that whatever you are doing there cannot be manipulated by a third party. The website itself can only decrypt the encrypted message; thus, you are secure online. 

If this error message appears while browsing secure sites, then the issue is with your device. Therefore, you need to follow these methods and resolve the issue.

1. Check your Date and Time

When the date and time on your machine are not right, then this error will persist as it is a major trigger for the error. A mismatch between the clock on your device and the site you are trying to access, then the SSL certificate on the other end will be unverified, but the error will display. You may think that minor differences like date parameters are nothing, but they can cause this error. 

First, check the date on your device and affirm if it matches the actual date. Avoid this issue by turning on the Automatic Date and Time option from your phone settings, and the feature will automatically sync your time with the rest of the world. 

2. Clear Browsing Data on Chrome

If you are frequently online, then you have massive browsing. Clearing your history online is another simple method to remove this error: Launch Chrome, then press Menu. Now select Privacy, then go to Settings, click on Clear Browsing Data then hit Clear.

Clear Browsing Data on Chrome

3. Change the WiFi Connection

If you have come this far, then it may be because the above options have not worked for you. A change in the WiFi connection from your device may be the solution. If you are using a public link, change to a private connection, and check if the error has been resolved.

4. Disable Your Antivirus

Antivirus software is responsible for any errors, including the SSL certificate, and you have to disable it and check if it could be the reason behind it. Once you disable the app, try accessing your site and see if it runs. 

NOTE: Disabling your antivirus app is a temporary solution, and it is also not a good idea because it leaves your device vulnerable to malware and adware.

5. Update Your Browser

Always make sure your browser app is up to date as outdated drivers can bring forth various problems. Not only should you update your browser app but all drivers on your device to avoid unnecessary inconveniences. Once you are done with the update, access the problematic website, and see if the issue is now solved. 

6. Factory Data Reset

If the above methods fail, it may be time to take this big step. The factory reset is the last result to solve most errors and problems. Your device could have underlying issues explaining why the simple methods above have not been helpful. The SSL connection error may be triggered by malware. Thus, a factory reset is the only remaining option. First, back up your data to avoid losing essential files, then follow these steps: 

  1. Open Settings on your device
  2. Go to General Management then select Backup and Reset 
  3. Choose Factory data reset. 
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts till you complete them.
  5. Upon completion, your device will be as good as new, set it up, then proceed to access the website.


Hopefully, you are now enlightened on how to fix SSL connection errors on Android. The error is nothing serious, and you should not panic because solving it is straightforward using the methods above. 

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