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How Does Lolking Or Lolnexus Look Up League Of Legends Player Stats?

LOL stands for League of Legends. It falls under the category of the most played games in the world which makes it very famous as well. During January in the year 2014, the game reportedly had 27 million active daily players, 7.5 million concurrent players at high-ranging times, and 67 million players who were monthly active.

The singular profile of every single League of Legends player is publicly available in the form of an HTML document (Internet Website) which in general is usually read by the LoLClient (When you click on someone’s profile or account or when someone clicks your profile or account). This specifically means that any web browser is said to be capable enough of displaying the LoL profiles. LoLNexus uses a special bot (which is nothing but a modified and advanced web browser, along with being strongly capable of filtering information and sorting it in a pared order as well) to get those pieces of information, and so does the LoLking. LoLNexus uses the Riot Games API to find out which players are connected to the game in a given particular time frame. It is possibly true that they use a feature of Spectator which helps them determine and anticipate the number or ratio of players that are connected to a game, too.

Apart from all this, surprisingly there also exists a skill meter in the game called the LoL Skill Score abbreviated as LSS, which is a measurement invented by LoLSkill to analyze and determine the skill of a certain summoner with a certain champion in the game. League of Legends is a different world in itself which has captured and engaged a lot of players all across the globe ubiquitously. There are players in the number of thousands and millions who are active or say, that have been procured as of now.

 Moreover, League of legends is very popular for its good art, and attractive visuals; LoL is bright, colorful, and cartoony enough to attract and fascinate people/gamers towards itself, compared to HoN or DotA II; however this opinion could be subjective.

Characters of League Of Legends

Apart from this, new characters are released every 2~3 weeks. This is unsustainable and so does not happen anymore. However back in season 1, it was said to be nice to have a large variety of characters being added to the game continuously.  Everyone has his or her way of setting their hands on the game though.

The League of legends is often accused of being addictive or toxic. However, League itself does not cause individuals to be toxic, rather toxic individuals are more easily able to manifest their problems and underlying issues through Leagthe use of legends. With other games like Dota, COD or CSGO voice chat is integral to playing. With League of Legends, one can hide behind his/her computer screen spouting bullshit.

Despite of all anomalies and drawbacks the League of Legends still holds a strong and stable position in the world.


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