G Wolves Hati Software Mouse

G-Wolves Hati Software Mouse Review 2022

G-Wolves Hati software mouse is one of the leading and well-loved mouse brands that is lighter in weight and the cost is pretty much reasonable. You may find a similar product in the market which is called Logitech Pro Wireless.

Some Features And Characteristics Of The Product

They look identical but the features are way better in the G-Wolves Hati software mouse. Also, Hati is lighter and cheaper than the other one and is the best gaming mouse in recent times. 

G Wolves Hati Software Mouse

Reviews on G-Wolves Hati Software Mouse

It is not true that G-Wolves Hati Mouse is beyond criticism and has no fallacy. The buttons in the mouse are pretty much average and nothing exceptional. But with those wobbly primary buttons, the quality control is a lot better. You may find the top-tier mice in the market a bit too pricey. But in that case, you can go for this G-Wolves Hati Mouse. If you don’t mind about the buttons being average, it provides you with a great shape and cable at an affordable price and it’s quite easy to operate. The mouse has a perfect shape and size hence the grip is comfortable.

Shape and Design of G-Wolves Hati Software Mouse

The brand G-Wolves has been following popular trends from the very beginning of its journey. As mentioned earlier, Hati is very identical to the Logitech G Pro Wireless in size and shape. You can also call it a prone of the G Pro Wireless mouse but the placements of the buttons are different. Also, the Hati has a good grip and shape for all hand sizes, unlike the G Pro Wireless. 

G-Wolves Hati mice are lightweight

The G Wolves Hati mouse has some hexagon holes to maintain its lightweight. However, you can’t see the holes on the sidewalls of the mouse because they are built under matte plastic. Even if you press hard on the mouse, the holes won’t be visible. 

Mice Buttons

The buttons of the mouse are quite comfortable to operate but the mouse wheel being a little wider, a person with narrow fingers might have trouble gripping the mouse. When you look at the feet of the mouse, it’s black with a smooth glide so moving the mouse is no trouble. There come 2 sets of feet replacement along with the mouse package which is a great deal. 

Mice Cables

The cable you get along with the mouse is just the same as the brand Skoll. But the cable is flexible and compact and hence called the best gaming mouse of recent times. 

G Wolves Hati Mouse Branding and Logo

You’ll find the G Wolves logo on the front edge of the mouse. It comes in 8 colors. The basics are grey, white and black but if you don’t wish to have them, you can go for vista blue or red or whatever suits you the best. 

The aim of the G Wolves Hati is building quality and coating

G Wolves Hati Software Mouse

It’s only the buttons that are to be kept aside but other than that G-Wolves Hati Mouse is a good choice. It is very hardy and not easily breakable. The top and the sidewalls of the mouse don’t get crack if pressed and squeezed. So, the durability of the product is undoubtedly appreciable. 

Performance and Sensor of the G Wolves Hati Mouse

Pixart PMW3360 is used by the G-Wolves Hati but it does not have any angle snapping, acceleration, or prediction. You can set DPI within the Hati at a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 12000. You’ll get the option to set DPI both vertically and horizontally if you wish. The polling rate is 125, 500, or 100Hz but it makes no sense to set it below 1000. The distance can be adjusted with the mouse but the general setting is usually kept low. 

G Wolves Hati Software and its Features

The mouse comes along with a lot of other things within the package. The packing box is very quirky and trendy. There are replacement parts for the Skoll and a nice tin on the top. You’ll also get stick-on side grips, replacement cables, extra mouse feet, and replacement mouse switches. You can remap any one of the main mouse buttons and the functionality is quite easy. 

 Reliability and Warranty of the G Wolves Hati Mouse

There is no first-hand information about the warranty is found. But if someone wants to know in detail, please email support@g-wolves.com.

 Value of the G Wolves Hati Software

Although the mouse is often called the clone of Logitech G Pro Wireless, it is cheaper and has better size and shape. Also, you’ll get the mouse at a reasonable price in the market. It is true that the buttons on the mouse are pretty average and has nothing exceptional but the other features are good.

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