Fonemonitor Reviews

Fonemonitor reviews 2020: Is it good enough

Fonemonitor Reviews

What Does Fonemonitor mean?

FoneMonitor is a reliable online surveillance service you can use to spy on other people’s activities on their Android or iOS devices. Therefore you can easily access messages and online activities from anyone. You can easily track your employees’ activities and know what your child is doing at all times with the Spying Service FoneMonitor.

The service is easy to use because only a FoneMonitor account needs to be created and the soap installed on the target device. That’s why fonemonitor reviews are always right. Once you log into the browser or cell phone of your pc, you can track the messages, calls, and many other activities of your target user.

Appropriate for FoneMonitor


The Internet is a cruel place, and at the same time, you cannot trust a child with internet access. Children are vulnerable to cyberbullying or cyber criminals. Children with their curiosity may end up looking at inadequate content that could change their personalities. Parents, therefore, need to see how their children interact with the Internet.


If you are an employer, you have your desired objectives and need a productive and efficient team. With everybody smartphone-addicted, employees spend most of their time on their phones to make them unproductive. You will find employees who are underemployed or engaged in office politics. You can track your activities on your phones with the FoneMonitor and warn against productive behavior. This improves employee productivity.


As a partner, you always need to know if your wife is loyal to you. This service enables you to access messages, and calls and track all of your online activities using your phones. This helps you build more confidence in your partner.

What is FoneMonitor able to offer?

The following are some of FoneMonitor’s key features.

Messages in Text

All outgoing and incoming text messages on the target device can easily be tracked with the FoneMonitor monitoring service. FoneMonitor does everything, whether it’s iMessage or MMS. Besides, the contact information of the user exchanging messages can be obtained.

GPS Location

As in other spying applications, you can track your target’s exact location and previous routes. For children, you can mark specific areas to be alerted when your children are entering such places.

Call logs

It is essential to spy on call logs and history calls. FoneMonitor will help you know contact people often, call time, length of calls, missed calls, dialed calls, and received calls on the dashboard.

History of the browser

Since there is a lot of information on the Internet, not all internet content is safe. Some of the content is illegal and undesirable. Some sites are dangerous to our children, too. With FoneMonitor, you can easily monitor all your child’s online activities. This includes what websites you browse, read, listen to, watch and download. On the dashboard, you will see the frequency and time of the most visited sites. You can also access the bookmarked websites.


FoneMonitor allows you to view media files on the dashboard target device. All photos and videos are included. If you are a parent, the photos your child stores in their gallery can easily be seen, and you can also see the photos they take and the type of videos they view.


Keylogger keeps records of all data types or collects input data as encrypted log files on the target device. You can also spy on their typed memoranda, recalls, and calendars.

Social applications

Social applications like dating sites, gaming apps, and other social media platforms have been increasing. Employees may spend hours working on these applications. Moreover, it would be uncertain for your children to use apps such as dating sites. With the FoneMonitor service, you can also see what your kids share and with whom they interact on different social media networks.

Please contacts

Children must be monitored thoroughly. You don’t know the people they spend time talking to. In this case, FoneMonitor helps you to collect all the information on your contact list. You can also download the contact list if, for future reference, you may need it.

Film shots

You can easily capture target device screenshots with FoneMonitor. This allows you to know exactly what the user does at a particular time. Screenshots are soundproof, particularly if you want to warn someone about their mistakes.

How good is customer support for FoneMonitor?

FoneMonitor provides efficient customer support 24/7. You can reach out and fill in the online feedback form for any inquiry. For any query, you can either email the customer support of FoneMonitor directly, or you can reach them on their online platform. Customer representatives of FoneMonitor reply within 24 hours.

Why should FoneMonitor be chosen?

The foneMonitor spy application can be easily installed and is more reliable than other spy software. The price is very affordable and reasonable. Moreover, you do not need to root or jail a device to install the app. The dashboard is smoothly organized to make it easy to use. It is one of the best packages on the market today. FoneMonitor provides live 24/7 email support and a chat. It is important to note that the spy app on an employee must be used with his/her consent since it is a felony to invade the person’s privacy. In any case, if your parent or businessman is looking for an iPhone or Android data tracker, FoneMonitor is the best choice for you.

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