FF14 Class Tier List

FF14 Class Tier List

Players shy away from tanking because they believe it is complicated and needs too much responsibility. There should be no errors in the game, but your teammates can harm you by default, which should never be the case. Avoid these situations by following our FF14 class tier list to decide the crucial jobs that will be favorable for you.

FF14 Class Tier List

Although the FF14 class tier list is the best list, there is a slight difference between Dark Knight, Gunbreaker, Warrior, and Paladin. It guarantees that you cannot go wrong with any of them because they are top performers and excel in anything. 

FF14 Class Tier List

1. Red Mage

Red MageMage is the best representative after the White MageMage, and their work was cut out from Square-Enix. Healing will only happen if it DPS and use a sword to fit in the holy trinity. Surprisingly, it happened because Red Mage can nuke, heal, toss a raise, then finally get into the frontline and cause a commotion with the sword. It’s not in vain that Red Mage is labeled as a jack of all trades, a trait that is actualized by Square-Enix, which is why it takes the first position. 

2. Black Mage

The elements of battle come from the Black Mage caster DPS class. Their power comes from scorching opponents with fire, freezing them, and finally destroying them with ice spells. 

Black Mage suffers from low defense issues and mobility during casting time, which you can’t move without. However, the damage caused is enormous, thus outshining the rest. You have to learn encounters to master the Black Mage and avoid losing a massive DPS to relocation before relinquishing your current cast.

It is said to be one of the toughest to-play DPS jobs because a perfect performance as you encounter changing forces is impossible. The rotation of the Black Mage is intricate, explaining why players term it as complicated. However, these challenges do not hinder a top-notch performance, and competing against your other achievements does not damage your group. 

3. White Mage 

White MageMage is the true definition of “you get what you pay for.” It is what you wish for; if you can hope for it to be a healer who causes minimal damage and leaves allies alive to fight another day. The White Mage will deliver with the addition of AoE stun with Holy, a welcome addition that precisely puts White Mage ahead of others. 

White MageMage is easy to use, and it has no additions to micromanage the game. Take this role as a DPS who masquerades as a healer. In dungeons, they come in handy to blast the enemy, and massive blows will cause damage before other members realize it. 

Players restore their game by relying on regens, and Benediction can rescue a doomed tank faster single-handedly. Also, they are more widely desired than other classes because they make significant buff contributions, thus turning personal DPS. Their abilities are simple and easy to work with, leaving you almost void of worries. 

4. Dragoon

Dragoon draws strength or the day from jumps and lance tactics, making it the flashiest DPS job in the game. These jumps keep him rotating and executing long combos making the game more dynamic and satisfying. The dragoon’s playstyle is tremendous but requires positional skills. Some drawbacks suffered by Dragoon are lethal, like getting caught in the boss’s AoE mid-air. 

However, Dragoon combos turn out to be of a tremendous rewarding impact if well executed. Dragoon’s job is solid on providing utilities as all nice DPSbuffs are provided to teammates. 

Although Dragoon is competitive, it’s not without minor skill-related setbacks where he might be unable to put up his best fight due to fight-specific programs. AoE attacks might fire the downside that a player must avoid by initiating jump attacks, leading to death. However, no fun in a game without challenges! And, they don’t make him a less performer primarily if you focus on the DPS boost he provides to the group.

5. Summoner

Micromanagement is also another title for Summoner, and it is complicated to play but rewarding. If you master all utility offers on the group, then you can even get a resurrection spell. It has control over Pets, Time effects destruction, and job or mechanic specifics. If these skills are at your fingertips, then you can play summoner at the top levels. 

It is a mobile job that damages time effects making him great in multiple target encounters. Shadow Bringer’s expansion turned him down, but he is still the most outstanding damage dealer. Mobility is his strongest trait as it allows him to perform widely in any encounter, and his versatility keeps his DPS high in all circumstances. Summoner is a great performer who has an answer for any situation in a fight making him a great choice.

6. Gunbreaker

Many players would not have imagined that Gunbreaker would be part of the game some years back, but here we are. Its primary focus is joining DPS combos and less on buffs. At level 60, it’s all classy, but from level 70 with a Continuation ability, it all changes to high gear at a fast pace with much fun. 

7. Dark Knight

The name is an accurate description of its role as a warrior of darkness. It has one shot damage combo for a target and a double for groups like everyone. Although other damage combos come passively, you can buy high mana nukes, which last a damage bonus of up to 30 seconds in each case. Once you reach 50 (Black hood), you can get high-damage attacks simulated into your high-damage attacks. And, they come as a result of your damaged combos. 

At level 80, Dark Knight has passive damage skills by nature, and it commands a shadow clone to support and fight you for a short while. The role is unique, and it does not require a lot of input once launched, but it takes some time to activate. When combined, they give Dark Knight an upper hand of infused burst and damage. 

Dark Knight is privileged to taste both the Warrior and Paladin and although it has a shorter duration. It does not cover friends completely. Thus it’s hard to adapt, and in different ways, it is the primary skill of Dark Knight. 

Any friendly player can cast Dark Knight as a protective barrier. The arrangement will grant you a fence that lasts seven seconds, covering 25% of your opponent’s health. If the plan works out and the barrier is broken, you are rewarded with a free cast with your damage buff nukes which is a defense and offense. You have to get the timing right as the Dark Knight is timing because these tanks are not autonomous. 

8. Dancer

Playing DPS roles for long can become dull and repetitive, but Dancers change everything by forcing you to be reactive and avoid memorizing abilities. It’s enjoyable, but if your only goal is to get through the roulette, you will sometimes find it frustrating.  

A dancer and his partner have access to buffs that make them combat-efficient. The buff’s efficacy is minor in Raid groups as it only affects two players. However, in small dungeon groups, it serves the purpose. And, those after an excellent job in the game will find Dancer ideal from its skills and animation because they are pleasant. 

Dancer is not so good in damage output, but its utility kit keeps it in good books. He is better when playing in groups other than solo, so it is recommended for healers who wish to feel at home. 


Although our list for the FF14 class tier list is neutral, the ultimate opinion lies with you, especially after a personal experience. And, if you feel different or have other thoughts, it is normal for any player to have differences in opinion and experience. Therefore, your opinion will be appreciated. 

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