Fable 2 Demon Doors

Fable 2 Demon Doors: Exact trick to open them all

Fable 2 Demon Doors is an attempt by Lionhead to create an open-world RPG, having a world in which enemies exist. Also, a world that is much larger in comparison with the original Fable. It cannot be called as open-ended as Oblivion or Grand Theft Auto IV, but it still holds a lot many secrets.

In all, there are nine Fable 2 Demon Doors. Every door needs a different tactic to open itself and show up its wealth.

Your first Demon Door encounter will be near Bower Lake. Weirdly, the first door you find in Demon Doors is the hardest to open. Its requirements are easy. You have to act out a story that the Door asks you to. However, for that, you will have to buy and learn spells and reach quite far in the game.

The doors that you encounter next will be pretty easy to open. The first one of them will be near Bowerstone Cemetery and it just wants meat. This can be easily done by kicking in a chicken in the mouth of the door. The second door of the two will be in Rockridge. This will open up by a dog urinating on the door. After this door opens, you will have a trip in memory lane where you might find a treasure chest.

Oakfield is where you’ll encounter the Oakfield Demon Doors. There are many different ways to open this door. One of them is by asking a woman who has fallen in love with you to follow you. You have to then propose to her in front of the door. Now the heart of the demon door will burst with love and the door will open up. You will find a Homestead then. Simply kissing a woman can also make the door open.

The next one is in Brightwood. You must have cheese in your inventory which can be purchased from the Bowerstone Produce Trader. Also, purchase the muttonchops from the Bowerstone barber and a Posh Gentleman’s Shirt or Noble Blouse from the Bowerstone tailor. Then buy a Farmer’s Hat from the clothing stall, heading towards the barber to get Dreadlocks. Then buy a Strumpet Skirt. Now you can open the door with ease.

Bloodstone is the next location to find a Demon Doors. This one is quite simple. You have to play the Lute in front of the door so that the door can reveal its creepy places and gift you a sword.

Then you will come across the Westcliff Demon Door, which needs you to have your corruption levels high.

The last demon Door in Fable 2 is behind Fairfax Castle, in Fairfax Gardens. This door is quite arrogant and will tell you, in the beginning, that it is the best one among all the doors and won’t open up for anyone. But, after you have opened all 8 doors, this opens up too!

So that is how you can make your way past every door in Fable 2 Demon Doors.


The encounter to each door will be at a different location and you will have to fulfill certain requirements to reach it. The best thing about these doors is that you got lots of treasure and wealth along with a journey filled with adventure.

Bloodstone Demon Doors

Talking about Winter Lodge which is a realm of Albion, you get to access it through the Bloodstone Demon Door.

How to Open the Bloodstone Demon Door?

To get this Demon Door opened, you must have a lute that plays some grand music. It is obsessed with music and you must know how to bring out the best tunes.

Working on the Lute
  • Get access to the lute in the expressions wheel.
  • Hold A when you are reaching the wheel.
  • When you keep a strong grip on it, the moving bar comes up.
  • Do not release A till you get to see ‘Big Finish’, when it shows, the door opens.
The reward of Bloodstone Demon Door

When this door opens and you finally get to enter the new world, the reward waiting for you is a weapon – Master Longsword.


While you enter through this Demon Door, you get to see a beautiful path covered by snow and tall pine trees. With soft snow falling your way and lanterns placed everywhere, the night seems quite magical. 


The road over a small bridge leads to a small cottage that appears to have a fireplace to keep you warm and cozy to take refuge for a while before turning the corner. However, when you enter it then the whole scene changes.


Following things change when you approach the cottage:

  • The silence is broken by noise and the overall environment changes.
  • It appears as a ransacked, den for torturing.
  • The cupboard turns into an iron maiden, dining table into a rack for torture.
  • You get further horrified by the skeletons of victims spread here and there.
  • Dark and cold chains hang in a cave filled with fear.

Outside the cave, the darkness surrounds and corpses are present at the woodcutting block. You get the reward by going to the upper floor of the cottage.

Bower Lake Demon Doors

Now you get to explore the Arid Sea which is a realm of Albion accessed through the Bower Lake Demon Door.

How to Open the Bower Lake Demon Door?

For opening this Demon Door, you have to act upon different expressions assigned in a specified order. You will have fun doing so and it will bring you relaxation and a feeling of excitement. It has a properly planned set of actions that are assigned to you for maintaining the thrill.

How does it work?

To accomplish your mission, listen to the story being told carefully. Only this way, you will be able to act accordingly and avoid mistakes. The expressions include laughing, growling, Worship, Dance, Blowing a kiss, Bloodlust Roar, Vulgar Thrust, Middle Finger, and many others. You must act quite well and usually, it is a seven-act series.

The reward of Bower Lake Demon Door

This door offers you a Lucky Charm Augment.


As you enter the door, there is a long desert that appears to have fast winds and dry weather. You get to see crates and barrels along with a dead tree at the entrance which perfectly displays the dry and rough conditions of the desert. You also get to see the shipwrecks among the sand and it bears a marked resemblance to the famous land in Fable III – The Aurora.

The best thing about each of these Demon Doors is that they have different environments and items to offer. You get more curious about the next Demon Door while exploring one.

Bowerstone Cemetery Demon Door

Yet another realm of Albion, the famous Forgotten Keep is where you reach by using this Demon Door. Before finding out how to open it, have a look at its brief history that is quite interesting as well as informative to you for moving ahead. 

This Demon Door that is made of stone now has a claim to make that it used to be a man in the past having love for eating lots of meat. Now, it has been turned to stone and cannot eat further. Also, a fun fact, you will find a description regarding it as well that shows its ‘overdosing’. It is made as a tomb to display the name of Luke Pressure who contributed to making this game.

How to Open the Bowerstone Cemetery Demon Door?

Do you like chicken? Well, whether you like it or not, here you will have to kick the chicken or give a crunchy chick to open the door. So, if you don’t like it, you got a great chance to kick it off. There are many chickens spread around waiting to be kicked off for you to enter another new world. Yes, the castle in front of you waiting to be explored.

Rewards of the Bowerstone Cemetery Demon Door

The best thing about this Demon Door is that it offers three rewards having potions:

  • Practiced Skill Potion
  • Infused Will Potion
  • Ballerina Strength Potion

 These potions are quite helpful for leveling up very fastly for new characters.

Brightwood Demon Door

      This fourth Demon Door is used to reach The Sepulchre – the Realm of Albion. It is found in the woods that are near Giles’ farm. One of the hardest doors to enter as it takes more effort than other doors to open.

How to Open the Brightwood Demon Door?

This Demon Door demands various items and the hero has to go and explore them. Hence, you have to visit it many times. Firstly, it will ask you to bring cheese and when you bring it, you will be assigned another task to get a haircut. Go and get your hair done by the barber found in the Bowerstone Market. 

Later, there will be a series of tasks given by it. You will have to bring certain clothing items that are Bandit Bandana, Yokel Hat, Corset, and others. Do not wear them until the door asks or else it will ask for some other stuff. 

Keep them safe if you have already brought them and use them when the door asks you to. When the series of these annoying tasks are completed, it will finally let you in.

Rewards of the Brightwood Demon Door

You get the following rewards when you fulfill all the tasks:

  • Tied Shirt
  • Harlequin Trousers
  • Merchant’s Cap

Entering this area, you will see birds flying and there will be utter silence like that of a graveyard. It is one of the most time-taking and hardest doors to open and offers rewards that are not much useful.

You will feel like a fool searching for such meaningless things that are of no significant use. It will make you appear silly and tired. There might be a few false offers by this door to keep you working.

Oakfield Demon Door

It is a Demon Door that leads to Homestead. The Serenity Farm is present in the Albion realm that is approached via this door. 

How to Open the Oakfield Demon Door?

This door demands to see love and affection and you should get engaged if single, or else blow a kiss if married. By doing so, the door opens and lets you go inside. It just demands seeing the expression of true love.

Rewards of the Oakfield Demon Door

The items obtained are The Hammerthyst and a Come Hither, Dear.

View of the Serenity Farm

As the name indicates, it is a place of serenity and calm. This place is worth 32,000 gold. There won’t be any harm caused to the hero and no encounter with enemies. Known to be a good place for the family due to its suitable-sized home and a gviewwthe of the well, chicken coops, and windmill. 

The surroundings are bright and colorful and there is a lot of beauty to enjoy. The description of the home describes the famous personalities that have lived there. It appears as a countryside area with a calm and relaxing environment. The scenes of nature have been perfectly displayed with blue and purple skies and green grass presenting a pleasant sight to the eye.

The interesting thing that attracts the attention of the player is not only its beauty but also the condition of displaying emotions of love and affection. Hence, you will have quite a different experience that you will surely not want to miss out on.

Rockridge Demon Door

It is used for going to Memory Lane, a realm of Albion. This door has a love for tricks and demands the use of different ways to respond. The door wants you to entertain it and perform some exceptional acts.

How to Open the Rookridge Demon Door?

You need to have a dog and it should perform different dog tricks. There will be expressions given by the Demon Door and the dog has to act in 5 different ways to each one of them. You will have to amaze the door for it has not been to such an experience for ages (as per the muttering voice coming from it).

The reward of the Rockridge Demon Door

It only gives you a Potion of Life.


It appears as an old place and you will find many unique things on your way. There will be Gypsy caravans, the bridge from the Gypsy Camp, and many other places and things.

You will also get to see railway tracks, That’s Cabin, the Temple of Light, historical statues, Murgo’s caravan, and series of houses, the Bowerstone market, and Clock Tower. The more you explore, the more you will be able to find areas you have never seen before throughout the game.


If you have completed the main quest and accessed the door successfully, you will have to choose between Sacrifice and Wealth. Even after losing your dog, its ghost will wait for you outside to help you reopen the door if needed.

Westcliff Demon Door

You reach The Vault, a realm of the Albion through this Demon Door. You can find it before the marshy area as a small road that is away from the main road. It is of a darker quality when compared with other Demon Doors.

How to Open the Westcliff Demon Door?

This Demon Door needs you to be corrupt about 50 % or more. It checks your purity or corruption which must be -3 or lower in the logbook section. So, if you have stayed righteous, it may cause problems for you. 

The reward of the Westcliff Demon Door

This Demon door provides you with Calavera.


At the other end, there is a narrow way that leads to a stone bridge. This bridge appears over a narrow canyon populated by pine trees. After this, there is a circular room that has a guild in the center and it is a raised stone area. This is where you will find the reward. 

Different slender trees, doors, and walls made of stone are present that seem to be purple but are beyond reach. 


You can lower your purity by getting cosmetic potions from Knothole Island. The use of meat and alcohol products also helps in this purpose. 

The Bowerstone Market is perfect for making you corrupt and you can put the shops and houses in it for rent. Make sure to increase the prices or else your purity will increase if you make the prices low. Also, few homes help in making you corrupt if you sleep there.

Wraithmarsh Demon Door

Terry Cotter’s Army, a realm of Albion is reached with the help of these Demon Doors. 

How to Open the Wraithmarsh Demon Door?

This door demands a specified number of audiences. You must have at least 10 villagers that follow you all the way to visit it. This is how it lets you inside so basically, you must be renowned enough to get it opened. 

Rewards of the Wraithmarsh Demon Door

It has two rewards to offer:

  • The Perforator (a legendary rifle)
  • Terry Cotter’s Final Diary (book)

The view is very beautiful with an area covered with grass and there is also a lone cottage – ‘Cotter Cottage’ that is known to contain many unique items. This seems quite a comfortable place to visit. It has four books that include Terry Cotter’s Diary, Terry Cotter’s Final Diary, the Knights Aberrant, and Visitor’s Book. 

These four books have an interesting history that you will enjoy reading. Along with this, the upper side of the cottage has an odd glow. You will see immovable suits of armor in that room, if you push or hack your way through them, they will turn into skeletons on the bed (Terry Cotter).

Walking by the back door leads you to Terry’s mother’s grave and many open gates. You will get lots of things to explore there related to armor and other stuff.


You can get followers from the village by going to the Bloodstone and making use of the prostitutes that are in love with you.

Fairfax Gardens Demon Door

It is used to access The Sanctum, a realm of Albion, and is located in a courtyard that is near the Fairfax Castle. It claims that it is the very first Demon Door made. You will get some clues regarding how to open it, just listen carefully as it talks about the other Demon Doors. For getting an idea about them, you have to visit them first.

How to Open the Fairfax Gardens Demon Door

As said above, you must have opened all the other Demon Doors to open this one since it involves clues regarding them. He tells that he has become alone and wants to join the other doors and you get to know some more things from it. It talks about its eternity and provides you with quite a good knowledge.

The reward of the Fairfax Gardens Demon Door

By the Fairfax Demon Door, you get 50,000 gold and Marcus’s poem.


This Door has an amazing view of a forest containing several bushes, flowers, and trees and is very similar to the Serenity Farm in terms of its serene environment. 

You cannot use any will or weapons here and it is a peaceful place to visit and search for many new things. When this Demon door is unlocked, one achievement is unlocked and you will enjoy the journey throughout.

Usually, the 50,000 gold seems quite fascinating and satisfying as you can use it in different ways so although this is the last Demon Door, it brings a very pleasant sight.

Hence, Fable II brings yet another adventurous journey that is based upon a series of tasks and interesting findings. The nine Demon Doors are far different from each other and you certainly do not get bored while exploring what they have got to show you.

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