Fable 2 Demon Doors

Fable 2 Demon Doors: Exact trick to open them all

Fable 2 is an attempt of Lionhead to create an open-world RPG, having a world in which enemies exist. Also, a world that is much larger in comparison with the original Fable. It cannot be called as open ended as Oblivion or Grand Theft Auto IV, but it still holds a lot many secrets.

In all, there are nine Fable 2 Demon Doors. Every door needs a different tactic to open itself and show up its wealth.

Your first Demon Door encounter will be near Bower Lake. It’s weird that the first door you find in Demon Doors is the hardest to open. Its requirements are easy. You have to act out a story that the Door asks you to. However, for that, you will have to buy and learn spells and reach quite far in the game.

The doors that you encounter next will be pretty easy to open. The first one of them will be near Bowerstone Cemetery and it just wants meat. This can be easily done by kicking in a chicken in the mouth of the door. The second door of the two will be in Rookridge. This will open up by a dog urinating on the door. After this door opens, you will have a trip in the memory lane where you might find a treasure chest.

Oakfield is where you’ll encounter the Oakfield Demon Door. There are many different ways to open this door. One of them is by asking a woman who has fallen in love with you to follow you. You have to then propose her in front of the door. Now the heart of demon door will burst with love and the door will open up. You will find a Homestead then. Simply kissing a woman can also make the door open.

The next one is in Brightwood. You must have cheese in your inventory which can be purchased from the Bowerstone Produce Trader. Also, purchase the muttonchops from the Bowerstone barber and a Posh Gentleman’s Shirt or Noble Blouse from the Bowerstone tailor. Then buy a Farmer’s Hat from the clothing stall, heading towards the barber to get Dreadlocks. Then buy a Strumpet Skirt. Now you can open the door with ease.

Bloodstone is the next location to find a Demon Door. This one is quite simple. You have to play a Lute in front of the door so that the door can reveal its creepy places and gift you a sword.

Then you will come across the Westcliff Demon Door, which needs you to have your corruption levels really high.

The lastDemon Door in Fable 2 is behind Fairfax Castle, in Fairfax Gardens. This door is quite arrogant and will tell you, at the beginning, that it is the best one amongst all the doors and won’t open up for anyone. But, after you have opened all the 8 doors, this opens up too!

So that is how you can make you way past every door in Fable 2 Demon Doors.

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